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Export .NET Reports to PDF, Excel, HTML, Word, and More

Give your end-users the power to export and download reports. Find out more about independent ways to export a report to different formats and implementations.


Export .NET Reports for PDF

PDF is the preferred format for digital documents as it is easier and more convenient to create and consume. PDFs are simple to share, print, and are admissible for legal purposes. This is because legal documents need to be in a format that leaves a digital record of any changes. ActiveReports includes advanced features to deliver rich reports securely. You can set export properties either at runtime or in code using the PDF Export object. Both the PdfRenderingExtension and Export Filters support PDF exporting.

  • Built-in support for digital signatures and encryption
  • PDF/A and metadata file attachment support
  • Easily build PDF Forms (AcroForms)
  • Ensure WYSIWYG output with Font Linking
  • Maintain interactivity with hyperlinks, bookmarks, and the document map
  • Preset the printing properties for PDF report exports using the PrintPresets
  • Export reports from report viewers or in code using ActiveReports extensive API

Export .NET Reports to Excel

Save your insightful reports as Excel spreadsheets with ActiveReports ExcelRenderingExtension or Export Filters. Deliver reports as secure Excel workbooks with password protection and encryption. With an extensive API, you can easily define the file format (XLS or XLSX), the name for each sheet in the workbook, and whether the report should export as a single sheet or multiple sheets in the workbook.

  • Maintain full control by creating ultra-customized spreadsheets with SpreadBuilder API
  • Define the export of each control and data region to a specified sheet
  • Default compression settings to help reduce the file size
  • Extensive API to export your reports to Excel directly in code
  • Support for interactive links such as bookmarks and hyperlinks

Export .NET Reports for HTML

Share your reports to any device with rendering in browsers or use HTML export to embed the report as a seamless part of your web page. Your reports will remain interactive with built-in support for hyperlinks, bookmarks, and drill-through reporting. The DynamicHTML property provides more control by creating an HTML output with CSS. HtmlRenderingExtension and Export Filters support HTML export.

  • Use ActiveReports' extensive API to export your reports to HTML directly in code
  • Built-in support for pagination
  • SVG support for charts to display crisp graphical data
  • Rich user experience with built-in CSS
  • Create archival reports by saving them as raw HTML

Export .NET Reports for Word

Save your insightful reports as Word documents with ActiveReports' WordRenderingExtension or Export Filter. Deliver secure reports as password-protected Word documents. Your reports can easily be exported using one of ActiveReports' viewers or directly from code with our extensive API. Word export has a number of useful properties that enable users to control output.

  • Automatically update the table of contents when the Word document is open
  • Set the paper size prior to the export using the Page Size property
  • Define page orientation
  • Support for interactivity such as bookmarks, hyperlinks, and the table of contents
  • Require passwords to open documents containing sensitive data

Image Export for .NET Reports

Turn your reports into a 100% WYSIWYG image output using ActiveReports ImageRenderingExtension or Export Filters. Save reports containing multiple charts and images as a visual archive. Set export and other properties using one of ActiveReports' viewer components or directly in code.

  • Specify a compression value to reduce the size of the output
  • Export each page of a report as an individual image or render the entire report as a single image
  • Preset page properties like margins, height, and width
  • Define how to layout report pages in the output (booklet, 1, 2, 4, or 8 report pages, or one image page)
  • Add watermark text and properties to image output
  • Supported formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG

JSON Export for .NET Reports

Use ActiveReports to visualize insights into your data and then export to JSON to store your analysis in a hierarchical, text-based format. Other applications can then use this data. Export your reports to JSON using the built-in JsonRenderingExtension in any of our viewers or as an API to export directly in code.

XML Export for .NET Reports

Export the entire contents of your report to an XML format using ActiveReports XmlRenderingExtension. Show insights into your data using ActiveReports, then deliver the output to other applications using the XML format. Specify the encoding schema (UTF-8, ASCII, or Unicode) for your XML output. Use one of ActiveReports' viewer controls to export to XML or do so directly in code with our rich API.

CSV Export for .NET Reports

Create CSV (comma separated values) flat files with plain text using the CSVRenderingExtension or Export Filters. Then, feed the raw data to spreadsheets or databases. Specify encodings (UTF-7, UTF-8, ASCII, or Unicode) in code or the export panel of any of the ActiveReports viewer components.

Text Export for .NET Reports

Create plain text (.txt) files from your reports using ActiveReports Export Filters. Set an optional page delimiter to mark the end of each page. The text output can then be opened using a simple Notepad app.