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ActiveReports.NET End User Ad-Hoc Report Designer

A Powerful .NET End-User Ad Hoc Report Designer

The End-User Report Designer for Web is an embeddable component available for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC. The End-User Report Designer brings a rich report design functionality to your web and desktop applications supporting all major browsers. Customize to suit the security and functionality you want your users to have for ad hoc report design.

  • Allow end-users to create ad hoc reports in their browsers
  • Easily create new reports with built-in drag-and-drop functionality, snap lines, guides, and wizard
  • Give deeper insight into your data with rich interactivity such as drill-down, drill-through, sorting, and more
  • Flexible API for advanced control and customization
  • Office-inspired UI brings a familiar simplicity for ease of use
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A Full Suite of Data Visualization Controls

With the full power of ActiveReports, the End-User Report Designer for Web offers users the functionality to create virtually any report they can think of. Users can create periodic letters, regulatory forms, invoices, financial portfolios, rich cross-tab, or pivot table reports, all in the same web designer.

Our Top ASP.NET Reporting Features


Visualize trends and analyze data with 35+ different chart types. With advanced built-in features such as drill through, links, filtering, and parameters, users can better understand and predict current and future trends.

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Use a Table item to visualize detailed data, organize with multi-level groups, sorting, and filtering. Then take it a step further with embedded links, nested controls, and parameters.

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Tablix, a Table and Matrix hybrid, is an advanced control for creating pivot tables. Layout possibilities range from simple tables to complex matrices including multiple adjacent or child row and column groups. The built-in wizard adds an elegant layer of simplicity.

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With over 120 symbologies supported, along with their related add-on codes, your barcode needs are covered. Apart from the barcode style, you can manage the alignment, direction, foreground and background color, caption position, and much more. Bind with an expression or value of a field to the barcode Value property.

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The SubReport report item lets you display one .NET report inside another. Subreports are used when you need to show disparate data in a single data region, such as a Table or Tablix, or when you will re-use the same report in multiple locations.

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Sparklines are a great way to give a quick graphical representation of numerical or statistical data without axes. Choose to represent your data as Line, Column, Whisker, Area, or StackedBar type.

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Table of Contents

The Table Of Contents report control is used to display an organized hierarchy of the report heading levels and labels and their page numbers in a report body. The Table Of Contents control allows you to quickly understand and navigate the data inside a report in all viewers supported in ActiveReports

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The Bullet report control is an easy-to-read linear gauge that is an excellent alternative to using a data visualization dashboard. Combine multiple Bullets into a data region to show single values side by side. You can orient Bullets horizontally or vertically and put them together as a stack to analyze several data dimensions at once.

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Formatted Text

Embed HTML text in your .NET and .NET Core reports using ActiveReports FormattedText control. As a versatile reporting control, Formatted Text is frequently used to create mail merge reports. With design time rendering, you can create true WYSIWYG outputs.

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The BandedList data region is a collection of free-form bands. It is composed of three bands (header, footer, and detail) with optional grouping built-in. Nested report controls in the detail band repeat for every row of data. The header and footer rows render once at the beginning and end of the BandedList and are a good place for titles and grand totals.

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An image report item is used to display graphics, pictures, and logos in a report. The image can be displayed directly from the database, link, or an embedded image. The control can be used as a standalone report item, or nested within another control.

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Creating editable PDFs is easy with ActiveReports' InputField control. Quickly generate PDF forms by setting the InputField control's "Type" property to either Text or Checkbox

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Built-in Wizards

Built-in Wizards

Visualize trends and analyze data with 35+ different chart types. With advanced built-in features such as drill through, links, filtering, and parameters, users can better understand and predict current and future trends.

Parameters and Prompts

Parameters and Prompts

Parameters are the most widely used functionalities for interacting with RDL/RDLC reports at runtime. Add parameters, filters, and prompts to your reports so your end-users can choose the data they want to see in the reports. Configure them to use a selection from a predefined list, free-form entry, or from a list from a dataset.

Themes and Styles

Themes and Styles

Set styles on individual report items, or select a theme and apply it to elements of the report for complementary colors without the need to select each one.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Ad Hoc Report Design

Familiar User Interface

We built the End-User Report Designer to look like familiar word processing web applications with additional data-driven features. This makes the learning curve shallower and provides a welcoming environment where even novice users are happy to design reports.

It's All About the Report

We tuned the user experience to focus on the report design surface. This gives users the maximum space for dragging, dropping, resizing, and laying out the report controls and data regions. Frequently used features are just a click away, while one-time setup configurations take a back seat.

Multi-Use Property Panel

By default, the property panel shows the most commonly modified properties. Selecting 'Show Advanced Properties' from the "Properties Mode" button reveals the complete set of properties for each control. This means non-technical users aren't overwhelmed, while advanced users have the full range of powerful design capabilities at their fingertips.

Web-Based End-User Report Designer for Every User

We built the ActiveReports End-User Web Designer with all users in mind. It brings online report creation to everyone using just a web browser.

The Non-Technical Business User

The intuitive user interface and familiar toolsets are designed to welcome users to the occasional modification or complete redesign of existing reports to answer their immediate business questions.

The Casual Technical Business Analyst

A complete set of data visualization tools provide the casual business analyst with the power to design and maintain elegant yet powerful report for the whole organization.

The Technical Information Worker

All of the same tools and properties available in the Visual Studio-integrated designer offer users full control over every detail of the report design to build pixel-perfect output.

Customer Feedback and Awards

Five Star Rating

"Great software as always!"


Five Star Rating

"The GrapeCity products provide the tools my team needs."


Five Star Rating

"I cannot imagine developing reliable, robust, business applications without ActiveReports!"


ComponentSource Award 2023 #2 Publisher ComponentSource Award 2024 Top 25 Product

"We chose ActiveReports due to its full feature set, friendly licensing model for web-based applications, and ease of development."


"I cannot imagine developing reliable, robust, business applications without ActiveReports!"


"Ease-of-use and the ability to have multi-level subreports were the two main considerations. ActiveReports stood head and shoulders above the other three products."


"The uniqueness of the ActiveReports products has helped to boost our sales which is always a good thing."


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