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ActiveReports.NET Licensing FAQ

A: ActiveReports is available in two editions to suit your needs: Professional and Standard. The Professional Edition includes all the bells and whistles you used in the trial version while the Standard Edition, a cost-conscious option, is recommended if you do not require the JSViewer control, HTTP Handlers, End User Designer control, Maps, Table of Contents, and some of the more advanced PDF Export features. To determine which version will best serve your needs, refer to the Compare Products page for more detailed information.

A: The trial version allows you to experiment with the ActiveReports Professional Edition to evaluate all the features for 30 days without a product key. To unlock ActiveReports for production, you need to purchase a product key for each developer. Each license entitles the developer to create, compile, and distribute unlimited royalty-free reports and applications. (There is no need to purchase separate licenses for testing or staging machines.) See the Compare Products page for details.

A: Annual Maintenance is an add-on for each purchased license and is highly recommended. Not only does it provide you with unlimited technical support through ticket submission and phone, but it also entitles you to any major releases that are made public within one year following your purchase via download. This is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you have the latest features. If you do not purchase Annual Maintenance, you can get the new version at a discounted rate via upgrade pricing.


  Annual Maintenance/Renewal Free Lifetime Support
Access to Renewal Pricing  
Next major version released within the year  
Phone support and Screen-sharing  
Perpetual licensing
Community-based forums
Same-version service packs

Email support

Same-Version Service Packs includes a collection of updates, fixes, and product enhancements.

Major Version Release includes substantial changes, new features as well as product enhancements and bug fixes. Only with ActiveReports.NET Annual Maintenance can you receive the next major version release within the year of purchase at no additional cost.

Renew your developer license maintenance annually to continue receiving all new major and minor releases for the next year

.NET Reporting ActiveReports With Maintenance

You have the option to not renew your maintenance, however, this will result in a higher purchase price in the following years.

ActiveReports .NET Reporting Release Pricing

A: Yes. You need a separate license for each machine on which you compile ActiveReports projects. We do not require licensing for any testing or staging machines that you may use.

A: No. ActiveReports includes royalty-free redistribution. As long as your customers are using ActiveReports as part of your product that they purchase, then they do not need a license. The assemblies required to run ActiveReports may be included as part of your product installation at no additional cost.

A: No. The End User Designer is included with the ActiveReports Professional Edition. This control can be used in your Windows Forms applications and can be redistributed royalty-free.

A: If your annual maintenance is active, the new keys will be found within your Mescius My Account section of our website.

A: No. You need internet access to use the default method to activate your license key. However, there are alternate modes of activation available which include phone, email and alternate machine activation. Please refer to the online user manual to get more details about the process.

A: Once you have purchased a license (either the Standard or Professional Edition), you can activate the key using the GrapeCity License Manager. For detailed steps on how to do this, refer to the online user manual.

A: No. Each version of ActiveReports has a different license key. To start using it, you will need a license key for the new version. Please contact the sales team at and we will be glad to help you.

A: If you have purchased a license for a new version of ActiveReports, but you use an earlier version of the product in your application, please submit a support ticket. We will be glad to provide you with the version of the product that you need.

A: The sales team and technical support team are available to answer any additional questions about licensing. If you prefer DIY, we offer the following resources:

A: There are various ways to get support. The ActiveReports Forums have an active customer base who respond to posts quite regularly. The technical support team also responds to the questions on the forums. In case you have a question that is urgent, you can submit a ticket through our online form. The team will be glad to help you with your query.

A: In addition to the ticket submission and forum support provided to licensed users, you can purchase Annual Maintenance to receive unlimited telephone support for one year. Keeping the Maintenance active is important because it also entitles you to a download for the upcoming version. Each year we issue a major release that contains new features and product enhancements.

A: Volume discount and other sales promotions vary or can change. Please contact the sales team at for the latest discounts and promotions.

A: Your best point of contact for any questions related to licensing and sales will be the sales team. They are available by email at or on the phone at (984)242-0700.

A: If you have used up all your activations and the new machine that needs to be activated falls into the licensing terms for the same license, the sales team can help you. Please contact sales at

A: Yes. ActiveReports can be installed in a Virtual Machine. Please note, ActiveReports is licensed per developer seat. If you need to install ActiveReports for multiple developers, please purchase the requisite number of license keys before installing the product for your team. The sales team at will be glad to help you.