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Generate Excel Report Templates using a server-side .NET Excel API

Build Professional .NET Excel Reports Using .XLSX Templates

Define Excel templates in .NET to automate and generate comprehensive .xlsx reports such as invoices, sales reports, receipts, shipping labels, purchase orders, and more.

  • Generate professional Excel reports advanced layouts
  • Create reports from Chart templates, Sparklines, Tables
  • Bind data from multiple data sources
  • Supports reporting features to arrange/calculate data in Excel templates
  • Define global settings for Template processing
  • No need to learn complex API to generate reports - use simple language syntax to define Templates
  • Edit the Templates anytime you want
  • Supports Microsoft Excel formulas for fast data calculation and conditional formatting
  • Generate .XLSX or .PDF reports
  • Generate reports for any platform - Windows, Linux, or macOS

Benefits of Automating Excel Reports with a .NET Excel API

Support for Multiple Data Sources

Bind with dataset/data table/custom object/variable or array/list.

Expand Data Horizontally or Vertically

Expand data horizontally or vertically depending on the report layout, using simple property.

Group, Sort, and Merge your Data

Group or set outline groups over your data with repeat, merge or list properties and sort data based on one or more columns in ascending, descending order.

Simple Language Syntax and Notations

Create Excel templates, define data fields, inline fields, formulas, and display nested data and expression fields.

Define Context or Range for Data Expansion

Expand data in pairs and calculate formulas over a cell context or a range.

Set Styles

Set cell and merge style to preserve data upon cell expansion.

.NET Excel API Report Template Employee Management Example

Employee Management

Create Excel templates to bind with employee data, define conditional formatting on template cells and see your data expand.

Programmatically generate Excel forms using a server-side Excel API

Generate Tax Forms

Use the 'form' property to define PDF Form Fields and related properties within Excel Templates. Generate bound, un-bound PDF Forms.

Excel template with charts created using C#

Sales Tracker

Create an Excel chart template and bind with data. Configure the chart series name, values and axis label to the template cells. Your data will always be updated when the underlying database expands.

Template property "image=true" to shows data of an image field as images after Excel template processing

Product Catalogs

Create product catalogs with multiple images, bind Excel templates with database having images. Add price values, descriptions of products and see your data expand into a full Excel report.

Demonstrates a document report with pre-designed style

Logistics Reports

Generate reports at high speed-replace manual tasks of creating invoices, purchase, and shipping orders. Create the invoice template and see your data expanding and following the invoice layout.

Cross-table Excel template example

Financial Reports

Customize templates as per your needs and generate financial dashboards, budget analysis, cash flow reports, and more.

Demonstrates a Tablix Excel template table

Sales Reports

Define fields in complex Tablix-type templates to generate full sales report analyzes for one year. You do not have to enter data in each cell. Define the template fields and see how your data expands with few lines of code.


Top .NET Excel API Features for Automating Excel Reports

Programmatically Create Excel .xlsx Templates with Sparklines using C#

Expand Templates with Sparklines

Define the data binding of Sparklines with template cells.

Excel template layout where a table is used and template cells are defined inside the table

Expand Templates with Excel Tables

Expand Templates by defining Templates in Tables cells.


A fixed layout is defined in the template, provides two properties to load the data in this fixed layout area.

Generate Excel Reports with Fixed Layout

Use FillMode and FillRange to control layout of the report.


Create Multiple Excel Reports in a Single Sheet using C#

Create Multiple Reports in a Single Sheet

Create templates that include data from one or multiple data sources to generate reports with multiple tables.


Excel XLSX template, programmatically insert a page break dynamically for the XLSX report

Add Page Breaks

Similar to page breaks in Microsoft Excel, you can add vertical, horizontal, or both.


Programmatically Generate Multiple Worksheets in Excel Report in C#/VB.NET

Generate Multiple Worksheets

Define template field in worksheet's name and generate multiple worksheets at runtime, each having a fixed template.

Bind data with an XLSX template which consists of inline fields.

Mail-Merge Reports

Add inline fields to generate full expanding mail-merge reports with Excel templates.

Bind Excel charts with data by defining the chart template for the series data

Excel Chart Templates

Bind Excel charts with data by defining the chart template for the series data. The charts will bind to data upon processing of the template.

Bind Excel templates with Image fields in a database using C#/.NET API

Bind Excel Templates with Images

Bind your Excel templates with Image fields in the database.

Set conditional formatting rules for the Excel template cells and expand your data

Support for Conditional Formatting

Set conditional formatting rules for the template cells and expand your data. All types of conditional formatting rules are supported.

Bind data with a template which consists of formulas

Export Excel Formula

Export the formula you applied to your template to see how it applies to the expanded data. Re-use the formula in an existing file or another Excel file.

Maintain image aspect ratio in Excel templates using C# in .NET Apps

Maintain Image Aspect Ratio

Maintain image aspect ratio in Excel Templates, allowing images to fit within the cell size regardless of height or width.

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Support for Global Setting

Support for Global Setting

Specify default settings on the Excel Template so that it applies to the entire data when the template expands. Keep the height/width of rows/columns similar throughout the template. Insert extra spaces as rows/columns or cells in your final report. Or create paginated reports.

Define PDF Form Fields in Excel templates and exporting to PDF in .NET applications

Convert Excel Templates to PDF Forms with HTML5 Input Types

DsExcel .NET Excel Library provides tools to create templates and define form fields in the templates, and utilize validation in the fields to ensure data accuracy and consistency. Messages can be assigned based on the validation type, like required fields or specific format types.

Generate Paginated Spreadsheet reports with DsExcel

Generate Paginated Spreadsheet Reports

Paginate Spreadsheets into multiple worksheets with a fixed number of rows or on-page size. Configure Page/Group Header/Footer, set grouping properties, keep together grouped content, and more.


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Programmatically sort Excel template data using CSharp (C#)

Change Sort Order of Template Data

Sort the template data based on the values of one or more data fields, and/or using unique cell values.


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Document Solutions Data Viewer

Check out the new Document Solutions Data Viewer (DsDataViewer) to view multiple data documents on the web. Take advantage of the seamless API to embed the JavaScript data viewer in cross-platform applications.

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Explore the Advanced Features of a C# .NET Excel API

The demos with DsExcel include step-by-step instructions on using the spreadsheet API. Each main feature demo link contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature.

It also showcases numerous API features and includes code samples you can download and apply now. Click the button below to see the demos.
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What's New

What's New in .NET Excel API
  • Repeat Shapes and Images in Pagination Mode 
    • Introduces enhanced support for repeating shapes and images during Excel template processing.
    • Repetition based on the parent cell for dynamic handling.
    • Enhances consistency and professionalism across sheets with varying data.
  • Custom Sort Order and Multi-Column Sorting in Excel Templates
    • Execute multiple sort conditions simultaneously.
    • Allow to sort cells based on the values of other cells.
    • Incorporate the capability to sort data using multiple, unique cell values.
  • Cancellable Processing of Templates
    • Suspend the template processing whenever there is a delay in showcasing the populated data due to large dataset or unknown cause.
    • Revert to the initial state of an unfilled data template.