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High-Performance WPF ListBox Controls

Get two high-performance controls for displaying lists of bound data with ComponentOne ListView for WPF.

  • Display thousands of items at top speed with UI virtualization
  • Enable fast scrolling with preview item templates
  • Deliver touch support for scrolling and pinch zooming
  • Create horizontal, vertical and tiled list layouts
  • Supports single and multiple item selection
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Why Choose ListView for WPF?

Large Date Set

Enable Fast Scrolling of Large Lists

In order to have the highest performance imaginable, the WPF ListBox controls can render items outside the viewport in a preview state so fast scrolling is seamless.

Listbox Flexible Layout

Flexible List View Layouts

With the WPF ListBox controls you can create horizontal, vertical, or tiled list layouts, giving you the flexibility to choose a layout best for your data.

Touch Input

Touch Enabled and Interactive Lists

The WPF ListBox controls support touch gestures out-of-the-box, for interactions such as scrolling and zooming, so you can deliver touch functionality in your app without any additional code.

WPF ListView Key Features

High-Performance Loading and Scrolling

The WPF ListBox controls support UI virtualization so they are blazing-fast while able to display thousands of items with virtually no loss of performance. You can determine how many items are rendered in each layout pass by setting a couple properties. You can improve your WPF listbox scrolling performance further with support for preview templates.

Preview Item Templates for Fast Scrolling

In order to have the highest performance imaginable, the WPF ListView controls can render items outside the viewport in a preview state. Like the standard ItemTemplate, the preview template defines the appearance of items when they are in a preview state, such as zoomed out or during fast scroll. The controls will then switch to the full item template when the items have stopped scrolling or zooming.

Optical Zoom by Touch Gestures

Display lists in WPF with optical zoom so users can manipulate the size of the items intuitively through pinch and stretch gestures. Optical zoom keeps performance stable when users manipulate item size and provides a smooth, fluid transformation.

Horizontal, Vertical and Tile List Layouts

Choose from more layout scenarios with horizontal and vertical orientation using the C1ListView control. Or create a tile display, and arrange items in both rows and columns using the C1TileListView control. Specify the size and template of each item and select your orientation.