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WinForms Spellchecking

Edit and Manage Rich XHTML Content

Provide a rich-text editor in your .NET WinForms applications using ComponentOne Editor for WinForms.

  • Create, open, edit and save rich XHTML documents
  • Built-in ribbon and toolbar with 50+ commands save time developing a rich text editor
  • Supported in .NET 6, 7 and 8
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Why Choose Editor for WinForms?

Manage Rich XHTML Content

Store rich formatted text in your database as XHTML and use the Editor control to manage it in applications.

Intuitive WinForms Rich Text Editor

Replace any text box with this intuitive editor and edit your XHTML content in this friendly, Microsoft Word processor-like interface.

Reliable HTML Rendering

The ComponentOne Editor for WinForms is built using the WebView2 control which is based on the Microsoft Edge browser. This ensures all HTML content will display as expected.

WinForms Rich Text Editor Key Features

Insert Pictures, Tables and Links

Insert and manipulate various types of objects in the document, including tables, images, and hyperlinks. The dialog boxes allow you to modify all properties of the inserted or edited objects.

Apply HTML Styles and Headers

Apply quick styles to text just like Microsoft Word. Since the editor works with HTML as the underlying content, these styles translate to heading tags and inline styles.

Spell-check Documents

The WinForms Editor comes with ComponentOne SpellChecker built-in so you can use all of its spell-checking features — like dialog mode, "as-you-type" mode, context menu spelling suggestions, and the auto-replace feature.

Additional Features

Flexible Data Binding

Bind to your external data source with ease. The display text and underlying XML are both bindable, so you can easily bind either the unformatted text or the full HTML markup to your data source.

Load and Save Documents

Load XHTML documents into the WinForms Editor control from a file, stream, or XML string. Likewise, you can save documents into a file or stream.

Synchronize XMLDocuments

When the bound document is edited within the Editor, the underlying XML document syncs to match it. All changes to the XML document are visible in the Editor control at run time.

Custom CSS Styles

The WinForms Editor fully supports CSS in edited documents. You can define external CSS styles, which will be used only in Design or Preview mode. Load the CSS from a file or stream.

Add Custom Tags in DTD

Advanced programming tasks sometimes require the use of additional DTD elements in the edited document. You can add the tags in the document by specifying them in the XML Extensions property.

Find/Replace Dialog Box

Editor has a built-in dialog box that allows end-users to specify a string to search for as well as options to replace the word. You can also use your own find/replace dialog box.

Unlimited History of Changes

Editor has an unlimited undo history mechanism. Undo and Redo also support keyboard shortcuts. By undoing repeatedly, end users can gradually work back to fix a mistake. You can programmatically access the editing history.

Clipboard Support

You can use cut, copy and paste clipboard actions to select text, tables, or graphics. You can also paste outside HTML into the WinForms text editor as rich or plain text.

Preview and Print

The WinForms Editor control supports printing and print preview. Use the Preview mode to view the document. Print directly from code, or from the print preview dialog launched from the built-in toolbar.

See What You Can Do with ComponentOne Editor

.NET WinForms Rich Syntax Highlighting

Provide an Editor with Syntax Highlighting

A WinForms rich text editor can be used to provide custom syntax highlighting. We provide a sample that shows how to highlight formatted C# text.

Download Demo Get Sample
.NET WinForms Rich Text Chat Editor

Create a Desktop Chat Editor

A WinForms rich text editor can be used to create a simple chat editor complete with formatting options and emojis. The text would be managed as XHTML but display as rich, formatted content.

Download Demo Get Sample

Rich Text Editor for .NET Framework

ComponentOne Editor for .NET Framework

For .NET Framework 4.8 applications you can use our legacy C1Editor control which is built on the .NET WebBrowser control. This older version of C1Editor supports a source code view, built-in toolstrips, image & table support, revision history, printing, CSS support, find & replace, XHTML cleanup routines and spell-checking.