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Easy to Use .NET Spell-Checking Library

The ComponentOne .NET SpellChecker provides Microsoft Word-like spell checking that's capable of processing 400,000 words per second, and it's supported in more than 20 different languages. You can easily enable spell-checking in your WinForms and WPF desktop applications.

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Why Choose ComponentOne SpellChecker?

Easy to Use

Implement and deploy complete spell-checking on a .NET textbox control with one line of code.

Fast and Efficient

On typical systems, our .NET spell checker is capable of checking about 400,000 words per second using compressed dictionaries.

Flexible Options for Users

Spell check strings or text editors, and provide users with suggestions through dialogs or as-you-type context menus.

.NET Spell Checker Key Features

Microsoft Word-like Spell-Checking

As-You-Type Spell Checking

Our .NET SpellChecker provides as-you-type spell checking visualized with red wavy lines. Users can right-click the misspelled word to get a context menu containing suggestions and actions to ignore or add to the dictionary.

Batch Spell-Checking

Dialog-based Batch Spell Checking

Implement batch spell checking with dialogs, allowing the user to navigate through each misspelled word with options to ignore or add words to a custom dictionary.

Additional Features

20 Multi-Language Dictionaries

Our .NET SpellChecker ships with more than 20 international dictionaries including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Swedish, and Greek.

Create Custom Dictionaries

Use our dictionary editor to create and maintain custom-built dictionary files to distribute with your application.

Supports WinForms and WPF

Provide spell-checking on any .NET TextBox or WebBrowser derived control. You can even spell-check a datagrid. The component is supported in WinForms and WPF applications.

Get IntelliSpell - A Spell-Checking Add-in for Visual Studio

While the ComponentOne .NET SpellChecker provides spell-checking for end-users, ComponentOne IntelliSpell provides the same for developers. Eliminate embarrassing spelling errors from your applications with our Visual Studio add-in. Spell-check code, comments, strings, HTML, XML, resources (resx), and general text in your Visual Studio .NET applications.

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