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True DBGrid for WinForms

The classic ComponentOne True DBGrid control is a .NET datagrid that provides fast data-presentation and data-manipulation features.

  • Supports .NET Framework 4.5.2 and 4.8
  • Supports .NET 6+

For new applications we recommend using FlexGrid.

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Why Migrate to ComponentOne FlexGrid?

When ComponentOne acquired APEX Software and VideoSoft, they inherited two very popular .NET datagrids: True DBGrid and FlexGrid. ComponentOne, now owned by GrapeCity, chose FlexGrid as the cross-platform datagrid as .NET expanded and evolved over the past decade. True DBGrid has been maintained and is supported in .NET 6+, but we are committed to focusing on FlexGrid for future enhancements. If you plan to migrate your application to .NET 6+, now is the perfect time to migrate your datagrid too. See Reasons to Migrate from TrueDBGrid to FlexGrid in Your WinForms Applications.


True DBGrid Key Features

Quickly Create Databound Grid Applications

The True DBGrid control features fast data access and data presentation, including Excel-like grouping, filtering, conditional formatting, exporting, and printing. You can easily enable these features by just setting a few properties.

Present Multiple Data Views

True DBGrid supports multiple data presentation formats for different scenarios. Create a hierarchical display, enable grouping, format rows with multiple lines, transpose/invert the grid or navigate data like an input form by just setting one property.

Horizontal and Vertical Splits

Display Excel-like splits that lets users split the grid horizontally, vertically, or both. Using True DBGrid splits, users can split the grid into two scrollable, independent panes to analyze large data portions within the same, single data view.