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WinForms Sparkline Control

WinForms Sparkline Control

Get a light charting control for simple data visualization with ComponentOne Sparkline for WinForms.

  • Visualize continuous trends with line, column or win-loss chart types
  • Easy data binding and automatic highlighting keep your visualizations simple
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Why Choose Sparkline for WinForms

Visualize Charts

Visualize Data Trends in Small Spaces

Sparklines are a great way to visualize trends in small spaces like datagrid templates and on dashboard tiles.

Three Sparkline Charts

Three Sparklines in One

Visualize data in different ways by toggling among three supported sparkline types: line, column and win-loss.

Business Information Dashboards

Easily Embed Sparklines

Sparkline control can be used as a standalone control or as a nested control in other container controls such as dashboard.

WinForms Sparkline Key Features

Three Sparkline Chart Types

The WinForms Sparkline control supports three different chart types: column, line, and win-loss. The column sparkline draws the values as a column chart, while the line sparkline draws the values as a line chart. The win-loss sparkline shows points with the same size. Negative points extend down from the axis, and positive points extend up.

Highlight High and Low Values

The WinForms Sparkline control supports automatic styling to highlight values. Specify colors used to highlight the highest, lowest, first, last or all negative values. Highlighting values helps users read a small chart without axes. Markers are added to visualize points on the line chart.

Additional Features

Data Binding

The Sparkline control can easily bind to any enumerable collection of data values. It also supports live updates for collections that implement INotifyCollectionChanged.

Date Axis

Sparkline allows you to display the x-axis, which can either be displayed or kept hidden. You can also configure the axis to plot dates.

Control Integration

Add sparklines to any other WinForms control such as reports, datagrids and dashboards. The Sparkline control can be easily integrated with controls like FlexGrid and Dashboard Layout.