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Build a Dynamic WinForms Dashboard

Create business intelligence (BI) dashboards and dynamic forms for data visualization with ComponentOne's WinForms Dashboard Layout.

  • Build dashboards using a grid or flow layout in your WinForms apps
  • Embed any UI controls to visualize all of your data in a single form
  • Resize and rearrange your dashboards with drag and drop
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Why Choose Dashboard Layout for WinForms?

The Best Layout for Any Dashboard

Choose from three out-of-the-box layouts. Get the best layout or easily switch without recreating your entire form.

Monitor Critical Business Information

Dashboards help you organize and present data in a consolidated form with the help of images, grids, charts, gauges and maps.

Deliver Customizable Workspaces

The WinForms Dashboard Layout control lets users resize and rearrange the containers at runtime to create their ideal workspace.

WinForms Dashboard Layout Key Features

Dashboard Layout Types

Flow Layout

Controls flow vertically or horizontally and wrap to the next row or column when there's no more space.

Grid Layout

Arrange controls in tabular form consisting of rows and columns.

Split Layout

Arrange controls into different areas using panels, which can be resized using the split bar.

Drag and Drop Controls Around the Dashboard

Hover over the child container to drag the item from one position to another. The remaining child containers automatically adjust to this change due to the respective layout rules.


Maximize and Restore Controls

Maximize and restore tiles using the header buttons. When you maximize a tile, it covers the parent surface like a modal window and it can be restored using the corresponding restore button.

Resize Controls in the Dashboard

With any supported WinForms dashboard layout users can resize containers by dragging their mouse along the border. When you resize a control, the layout is adjusted differently for grid, flow and split layouts.

Download our desktop Demo Explorer to try the control yourself!

Additional Features

Save and Load Dashboard Layouts

The WinForms Dashboard Layout control supports serialization and deserialization. This allows you to save and load layouts to local storage in XML format for future runs of the application.

Custom Header Actions

A drop-down menu in the header lets users maximize, hide, or reorder containers. You can also customize each container header with custom text, icons and buttons.

Convert Existing Layouts to Dashboard

It's possible to convert an existing C1SplitContainer, FlowLayoutPanel, or TableLayoutPanel to a Dashboard Layout with one line of code.

Custom Styles and Themes

Modify the appearance for all containers with a single style. You can also apply any of our 40+ professional WinForms themes.