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40+ Professionally Designed Themes for WinForms

Choose one of our 40+ professionally-designed themes, or design your own theme completely from the ground up to fit your company branding and design.

  • Apply a theme to a single control or entire application with our ThemeController component
  • Create and customize your themes easily with our ThemeDesigner application 
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Why Choose Themes for WinForms?

Code-Free Theme Designer

You don’t have to be a developer to create a WinForms theme. There is no code involved when creating themes, so designers and developers alike can create stunning applications.

Smart Theme Controller

Our WinForms theme component, ThemeController, is smartly designed so you can choose which controls are themed individually, or apply themes to the entire application at once.

Dynamically Switch Themes

Deliver customizable themes, or skins, for your application by using our WinForms theme components to select your active theme on the fly.

Popular WinForms Themes

WinForms Dark Solarized Theme
Solarized Dark
WinForms Visual Studio Light Theme
Visual Studio Light
WinForms Visual Studio Dark Theme
Visual Studio Dark
WinForms Material Theme
WinForms Office 2016 Themes
Office 2016
WinForms Greenhouse Theme
WinForms Office Blue Theme
Office Blue
WinForms Expression Blend Theme
Expression Blend
WinForms Office White Theme
Office White

WinForms Themes Key Features

Touch-Friendly WinForms Material Themes

Use our dark or light WinForms material themes to provide a modern look with extra wide spacing. These themes are ideal for dual mouse and touch desktop applications.

Themeable Scrollbars

Get themed scrollbars for ComponentOne FlexGrid, FlexPivot, GanttView, and Scheduler controls. This allows your ComponentOne applications to look fully themed from edge to edge.

Easy Theme Designer

Our WinForms Theme Designer features an intuitive user interface and a host of properties and settings, making it possible for developers to modify an existing theme, or create a custom theme from scratch. No coding skills are required to design a theme, so it's an easy task for any one on your team.

Smart Theme Controller

Because of the ThemeController's flexibility, you can choose which controls are themed individually, or apply themes to the entire application at once. Use our ThemePicker control to let end-users toggle between multiple themes.

WinForms Theme Project Templates

Jump-start your WinForms themed application with project templates that have the ComponentOne ThemeController ready to go. The project templates support Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 for .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET 6+.