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Touch-Friendly Radial Menu for WinForms

Provide nested context menus for your touch enabled desktop applications with ComponentOne RadialMenu for WinForms.

  • The radial menu control spins out smoothly like a pinwheel when opened
  • Help users discover actions hidden behind a context menu from a single button
  • Organize menu items by creating deep, nested menus
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Why Choose RadialMenu for WinForms?

Mimic OneNote Menus

The WinForms radial menu is inspired by the Microsoft OneNote menu for a touch-friendly menu selection.

Improve User Exploration

Even when collapsed, the user is aware of the menu, so your commands aren't as hard to discover as they are with regular context menus.

Powerful Command Framework

Powered by our single C1Command system, RadialMenu is an excellent visual alternative to standard menus and toolbars.

WinForms RadialMenu Key Features

Complete Menu Customization

Customize text, tooltips, icons, border colors and highlight colors to change the appearance of the radial menu. With Studio Enterprise, you get access to 2200+ royalty-free icons and images you may use with your application.

Smooth Animation

RadialMenu provides a customizable interface that is easily accessible for both touch and non-touch devices. When opened or closed, the WinForms radial menu control spins out smoothly like a pinwheel. This fluid animation adds to the user experience, and the radial menu system improves the user’s exploration of all your app’s functions.

Additional Features


Configure the menu to automatically hide when focus is lost, or use its API to control when it appears and closes.

Nested Radial Menus

With the WinForms radial context menu, you can create a hierarchy of commands or options by adding nested submenus.

Checked Menu Items

Menu items can be toggled (on/off). You can use the radial menu as a quick way to enable settings like a smartphone.