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Join a New Summer Hackathon From Wijmo & Weavy

We (Wijmo) and Weavy are hosting a fun hackathon this summer! The theme of the hackathon is “striking balance.” The idea is to leverage some public data to build something meaningful.

You can use Wijmo UI components to visualize the data in a meaningful or interesting way. And then add collaboration to your app using Weavy. Both Wijmo and Weavy can help jump-start your project so you can build something amazing in little time.

There is no limit to what you can create. We are open to any and all ideas. No matter your experience level, we hope you will join and give it a shot!

And of course, there will be interesting prizes handed out to winners.

Sign up for the Wijmo and Weavy Hackathon

The Hackathon Schedule

We're excited to report that we've extended and updated the schedule since the original publication of this blog. See the new dates below:


Now! (you can signup and submit ideas up until September 16, 2022)

Idea Phase

June 23 - September 16, 2022

Prototype Phase

September 17 - October 07, 2022

Final Phase

October 14 - October 15, 2022

Grand Finale

October 15, 2022

Need some help? We will also be hosting live Q&A sessions during the entire hackathon. Please signup, and you will be invited to those sessions!

What is Wijmo?

Wijmo is a set of JavaScript UI components meant to save developers time when building applications. Wijmo offers DataGrids, Charts, and much more. So developers can jump-start their efforts using our powerful tools.

What is Weavy?

Weavy offers collaboration tools to embed inside JavaScript applications. Weavy enables users to engage each other to make faster, better decisions through contextual collaboration using in-app chat, activity feeds, and document collaboration.

Our Example Application

We want to help everyone get started, so we made a sample app using Wijmo and Weavy together!

This sample is a simple sales dashboard with collaboration, where the datagrid and chart are Wijmo controls, and the chat is from Weavy.

You can run or remix the project from Glitch here: Wijmo Weavy Hackathon sample on Glitch

Or download it from GitHub here: Wijmo-Weavy-Hackathon on GitHub

It's a very simple app, but it clearly shows how to use each product. And as you can see, it takes very little code to get Wijmo and Weavy working. Wijmo provides the powerful UI components, and Weavy provides the collaborative chat component. They are quite complimentary for building apps that offer collaboration on top of data visualization!

Feel free to use this sample as a learning tool or even fork it to start your project. Of course, you can get much more creative than we did.

We also have hundreds of Wijmo demos for JavaScript, Angular, React, and Vue! They are an excellent resource for learning about the powerful features in our components. You might also want to follow our Getting Started Guide for JavaScript, Angular, React, or Vue.

Join the Hackathon!

Please join us in the hackathon and build something really inspiring with our tools. 

Check out our Kick-off Livestream with Weavy

Sign up for the Wijmo and Weavy Hackathon

Thanks -The Wijmo Team


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