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Welcome to Wijmo

Wijmo represents a new generation of JavaScript controls. It takes full advantage of the latest web technologies, making no compromises to support legacy browsers. The result is a set of controls that are much faster, smaller, and easier to use than what was possible before.

Wijmo has no dependencies other than EcmaScript5. You can use it without jQuery, or any other frameworks.

Wijmo requires modern browsers to leverage the following technologies:

  • ECMAScript 5: The ECMAScript 5 standard adds support for property getters and setters. This may seem like a small change, but it makes a huge difference. The ECMAScript 5 standard adds many other significant enhancements, like the bind method that allows you to specify the value of the 'this' parameter in your callbacks. There are also new array methods that can save a lot of time.

  • SVG: Modern browsers implement SVG, which makes it easier to create amazing visual representations of your data. Wijmo leverages SVG directly, without the overhead that would be required if it had to support legacy browsers.

  • TypeScript: We wrote Wijmo in TypeScript, taking advantage of type-checking and OOP concepts such as modules, classes, and inheritance. The output is still pure JavaScript, so you can use either language in your own development work.

  • Mobile Devices: Wijmo was designed with mobile browser support built in from the start. Responsive layouts and touch support were major considerations in the design and implementation of every Wijmo control.

  • Angular: Angular is one of the most popular and powerful JavaScript application frameworks today. We supported AngularJS 1.x when it was released, and Angular 2 even before it was released! For more information, see the Angular Components topic.

  • Other frameworks: You can use Wijmo with any other JavaScript frameworks you like. In addition to Angular, we ship interop modules for React & Vue also. We plan to add other frameworks to this list in the future, based on customer requests.

  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap is one of the easiest, most powerful, and most popular CSS frameworks available. We use it in our samples and in our on-line documentation. If you use Bootstrap, be assured that Wijmo will blend right in with no extra effort required on your part.