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ActiveReports.NET v17 Has Released

Hey everyone! We’re pleased to announce that ActiveReports.NET v17 is now available! As our major annual release, this update offers a plethora of exciting new features and improvements to the ActiveReports ecosystem.

RDL Dashboard - New Report Type

RDL Dashboard - New Report Type

One of the most exciting features arriving with ActiveReports 17 is the new RDL Dashboard report type! RDL Dashboards offer a convenient way to display data visualization controls such as charts, tables, sparklines, maps, and more in a scrollable, interactive container. We already have plans to extend the interactability of these dashboard reports in our next update as well!

Report Sections

RDL Dashboard Reports can be multi-page like RDL Multi-Section Reports. With multiple pages or sections, you can make the dashboard report more informative with details spread across the pages. The pages can then be navigated using tabs in the preview.

Scrollable Container Component

The Container control in the RDL Dashboard report is scrollable. You need to adjust the Overflow and Can Grow properties for the container to be scrollable.    

Actionable Items Provide Extensive Interactivity

The Action property in report controls and data regions makes the dashboards highly interactive and helps slice and dice the report metrics. You can click on an action and see the action. The action works across dashboard pages too.

Suppose, in addition, there is action(s) set on control(s) inside a Table cell, List, or BandedList. In that case, that action will be given priority over the action set on the Table's row, List data region, and BandedList's band.

.NET 7.0 Support

As Microsoft continues to push the limits of .NET, we need to stay on the cutting edge so our customers can too, so for ActiveReports 17, we’ve tested everything in .NET 7.0 and ensured that ActiveReports is now fully compatible with .NET 7.0. We will continue to keep it updated for future releases of .NET.

Not sure what changed in .NET 7.0? Check out our blog for a quick summary of some of the most exciting new features that .NET 7.0 brings to the table.

Blazor Web Designer

This exciting new feature brings the ActiveReports Web Designer you all know and love to the Blazor framework. The Blazor Web Designer requires both server-side and client-side parts similar to our standard Web Designer.

If you’d like to test it out, I recommend checking out our sample, which you can find here.

Blazor Web Designer

Web Designer UI Customization

Configure visibility of Web Designer Tabs

It is now possible to control the tabs of the Web Designer application bar visible to the user, for example, Home, Context Actions, Parameters, Script, and About tab, using the appBar function. See the Web Designer API.

New Runtime API

It is now possible to perform common editor actions from code and check their statuses with the editor function. See the Web Designer API.

Filter or Sort the Properties appearing in the Properties Panel

Developers can now filter out or sort properties from Property Panel with the new filterProperties function. See the Web Designer API.

Two New Chart Templates

Range Chart

Range Charts display a pair of values (low and high) for each data point to visualize a range of values rather than a single value. These charts emphasize the distance (range) between the two values. With our new range chart template, you can choose from a Range Bar Chart, Range column Chart, or Range Area Chart.

Learn More

Range Chart Template

Gauge Chart

A gauge chart is a bar chart with a radial axis and overlapping bars to show ranges. It uses the needle and the dial to represent the data. The direction of the needle and the colors in the dial shows the performance at a glance.

Learn More

Gauge Chart Template

Enhanced JSON Data Editor

The connection string now allows fetching a JSON from an external URL using the GET and POST methods, HTTP headers, and request body options. This enhancement has been made in Page, RDL, and RDL Multi-Section Reports in all report designers, including the Web Designer.

Learn More

Interactivity for Chart Encodings

Color, Size, and Shape encodings now support actions, so you can also add interactivity to the encodings. This enhancement is also available in Web Designer.

Learn More

Multi-Column List Layout

The list data region now has two new properties - 'RowsOrColumnsCount' and 'GrowDirection', the combination of which makes laying out content in a columnar layout easier.

Learn More

Web Designer Enhanced Copy/Paste

While designing any report, you might need to make a selection and/or copy and paste controls if you are using the same element multiple times in the design area. Now it is possible to paste copied report items to the cursor's position by clicking it within the design area; earlier, the items were pasted on the top-left corner. 

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