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JavaScript Spreadsheet Optional Add-Ons

Transform Your JavaScript Development and User Experience

Empower your user and development projects with SpreadJS' versatile optional add-on components - PivotTable, ReportSheet, and GanttSheet. Dive into data-driven insights using PivotTable, a robust tool for quick organization and analysis, enhancing business intelligence with customizable features. Design detailed reports effortlessly with ReportSheet, offering data entry, filtering, sorting, and styling options, all within the familiar SpreadJS environment. Elevate project and resource management with GanttSheet, seamlessly integrating Gantt chart capabilities into your spreadsheets. Developers gain unparalleled flexibility, while users benefit from intuitive interfaces, customizable reports, and streamlined project workflows, ultimately enhancing productivity and decision-making processes. Additionally, enhance your users spreadsheet design experience further with our Designer Ribbon Component Add-on

JavaScript Pivot Table Component

JavaScript Spreadsheet Pivot Table Component

A JavaScript Pivot Table is a powerful data summarizing and reporting tool that allows you to organize, extract and analyze large amounts of data quickly. Improve your business intelligence by visualizing complex data, discover trends, and uncover data information that otherwise may be very difficult to answer by looking at the data itself.

SpreadJS provides an optional JavaScript PivotTable add-on to allow your users to analyze data in their JavaScript spreadsheets quickly. Work with the field and panel features to generate fast, easy-to-read reports in seconds. SpreadJS PivotTables utilize a familiar UI that users recognize, allowing you to organize and summarize data using the built-in aggregations, pivot table field lists, and calculated fields. Fully customize your application's needs and let SpreadJS PivotTables perform the complex interactive analysis for your applications.

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Support for Full customization of JavaScript PivotTable

Full PivotTable Layout Customization

Supports many different options to customize the appearance and functionality of the JavaScript PivotTable per your application's needs, including control filters, rows, columns, headers, themes, Pivot Panels, and more.

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JS Pivot Table Report Layout Options: Outline, Compact, Tabular

Report Layout Options

Choose from three PivotTable report layouts to change how data is displayed in the PivotTable: Compact Form, Outline Form and Tabular Form.

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Support for Full customization of JavaScript

PivotTable Panel

Utilize the JavaScript PivotTable Panel to choose from various fields from a data source and sort/filter them as needed.

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Pivot Table Manager - create manage, and save different views for a JS PT

Pivot View Manager

Create, manage, and save different views for the PivotTable with the View Manager, allows users to quickly access any saved view of the pivot table at a certain point in time.

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SpreadJS PivotTable supports slicers

Pivot Slicers

SpreadJS's PivotTable supports slicers, which are a convenient graphical interface for the label filter. PivotTable supports the following slicers types: Pivot Table Item slicer, Pivot Table Timeline slicer

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Support for Conditional Rules in JavaScript PivotTables

Pivot Conditional Rules

Apply, get, and remove conditional formatting rules within the PivotTable area. The conditional rules work as expected irrespective of the changes to PivotTable layout.

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JavaScript Gantt Chart Sheet Component

JavaScript Gantt Chart Sheet Component

Provide JavaScript Gantt Chart behavior in a spreadsheet user interface. This includes standard JavaScript Gantt functionality, including Timescales, Taskbars, Tasks, and Calendar capabilities just to name a few.  With this being implemented within SpreadJS,  GanttSheets can be added just like a normal worksheet, and as such supports standard spreadsheet functionality like sorting and Import/Export. 

You can use GanttSheet for things like:

  • Project Scheduling/Management
  • Staff/Resource Scheduling
  • Warehouse Shipment Scheduling
  • Flight Lists
  • Production Schedules
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Easily bind table data to a GanttSheet JS control

Binds Data to the GanttSheet

Use the existing DataManager from TableSheet to create tables that can be easily connected to a GanttSheet. The Data Manager is a powerful local data engine that sends requests to the server side, then binds the data to the GanttSheet when the data is ready.

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Import and Export Gantt sheets from a JavaScript Application

Import and Export GanttSheet Capabilities

Supports importing SSJSON and SJS files and exporting the data to various formats, including SSJSON, SJS, and Excel (.xlsx).This facilitates interoperability with different systems, supporting the diverse tools often found in enterprise environments.

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JavaScript Gantt Chart Time Scales

Timescales in Gantt Chart

The timescale is the column header of the gantt chart in a GanttSheet, it allows you to show smaller or greater time units. The GanttSheet chart area can be zoomed in or out, and scrolled to show more or less of the chart.

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JavaScript ReportSheet Component

JavaScript ReportSheet Component

A new sheet type that allows your users to easily design reports, including support for data entry, pagination, data filtering, sorting, and conditional formatting. The ReportSheet add-on has two parts: ReportSheet and TemplateSheet, with the later containing various report-related settings. The data for the sheet is also connected to the DataManager implementation, and the ReportSheet has data entry APIs to interact with it. You can design reports directly in the SpreadJS Designer with full control over the report UI, which you can then export and load into a SpreadJS instance in your application.

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JS ReportSheet Template Cell Types

ReportSheet Template Cell Types

Template cell type is the most important option of the template cell. this option can control how to organize data. If you want to make row based report you can use the ‘List' cell type, or if you want to make a sales summary report, you need to use the ‘Group’ and 'Summary’ cell type.

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Data Entry options in JavaScript Report Sheet

Data Entry

ReportSheet supports data entry through the DataManager. You need to configure the remote info of the table in the DataManager. You also need to configure the cell that is written back to a column of a table in the data entry setting of the template sheet.

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Set Pagination

Set Pagination in Reports

Pagination feature are available in the ReportSheet add-on. Allowing customization of pagination settings in the TemplateSheet to meet diverse report layout requirements.

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Group, Filter, and Sort data in JavaScript Report Sheet

Group, Filter, and Sort Data

Group, Filter, and Sort data, in addition to adding calculated columns and dynamic parameters to regenerate data instead of using static values.

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Support for Formula Functions within Report Sheets

Support for Formula Functions

ReportSheet uses Context when evaluating formula cells. If a formula cell has a specific context in preview mode, the formula calculation will use that context. This indicates that the same formula can produce different results depending on the context. Utilizes the full SpreadJS calculation engine.

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Import and Export Reportsheets from a JavaScript Application

Import, Export and Printing Capabilities

Print, Import and Export the SpreadJS ReportSheet to JSON, SJS, and Excel.

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