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How to migrate from ActiveReports 1 to ActiveReports 2


This article shows how to convert AR1 reports to AR2.

Steps to Complete:

First Need to Convert from Active Reports 1.0 (VB6) to Active Reports 2.0 (VB6)

Need to install the trial edition of Active Reports 2.0

Use the included Upsizer utility to convert the appropriate .dsr file to the upgraded version

Upsizer utility is located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Data Dynamics\Active Reports

Open up the .dsr file in Visual Studio 6

Use the Active Reports menu to save the .dsr file as an .rpx file

Now convert Active Reports 2.0 file to Active Reports .NET 2.0 file

Open a Visual Studio 2005 project

Create a new report name appropriately

Go to the Reports menu and selected Load Layout

Navigate to the .rpx file created in step 1d


You can download ActiveReports 1 and 2 from our download page here:


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Evan Warren