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What's New in Document Solutions for Imaging v7

Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging)

Important Information: A Shift from ‘GrapeCity Documents’ to Document Solutions

In tandem with our commitment to continuous improvement, GrapeCity Documents has rebranded to Document Solutions. This change extends to the APIs and controls within the Document Solutions suite. Below, you'll find the updated nomenclature:

Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging) (previously GrapeCity Documents for Imaging (GcImaging))

Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer) (previously GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer (GcImageViewer))

We've made it easy to upgrade your existing packages to the new packages using the Documents Migration tool. This tool is included in the trial Downloads zip file found on the above product links. For the v7.0 release cycle, packages with the previous product and/or company names will be provided separately, ensuring access to the same v7 new feature updates. This approach is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for users.

It's important to emphasize that despite the adoption of new package names, only the package names themselves are altered. The namespace and type names remain unchanged, eliminating the need for any immediate modifications in your C#/VB user codes.

Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer)

Select Parts of Image, Cut, Copy, and Paste

Experience a new level of precision in image editing with DsImageViewer's latest update, featuring an array of selection tools and the ability to cut, copy, and paste from images. This enhancement is designed to streamline the image editing process, making it both easier and faster to select specific regions, focus on particular elements within an image to perform detailed analyses.

Select, cut, copy, and paste areas of images using a JS Image Viewer Control

The Selection tool dropdown has been added to the secondary toolbar of ‘Paint tools’ plugin.

Here are the following Selection tools added to the editor -

  1. Rectangular Marque Tool: Ideal for making square and rectangular selections, this tool ensures accuracy in defining specific areas within the image.
    Rectangular Marque Tool in JS Image Viewer

  2. Lasso Tool (Free Selection):Empowering creativity, the Lasso Tool allows you to draw freehand selections, giving you the flexibility to highlight intricate details or irregular shapes.
    JS Image Viewer Lasso Tool (Free Selection)

  3. Elliptical Marque Tool: Perfect for creating round and elliptical selections, this tool adds a touch of sophistication to your editing capabilities.
    JS Image Viewer Elliptical Marque Selection Tool
  4. Polygonal Lasso Tool: For more intricate selections, the Polygonal Lasso Tool enables you to draw polygonal and jagged outlines, providing precise control over the chosen area.
    Polygonal Lasso Tool in JS Image Viewer

Effortless Editing Workflow

Following the selection process, DsImageViewer equips you with a set of intuitive commands for seamless editing:

  1. Cut, Copy, and Paste: Execute these fundamental actions within the editor using standard keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V (or Cmd + X, Cmd + C, and Cmd + V on macOS). This functionality allows you to effortlessly move and duplicate selected portions of the image.
  2. Painting Inside a Selected Part: Customize your brush settings, including size, hardness, and opacity, and select your preferred color to paint within the selected part of image.

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Add Brightness and Contrast to Your Images

Image filters have become indispensable tools for elevating your photos and delivering a comprehensive editing experience. From social media feeds to news articles, magazines, and books, filtered images have become ubiquitous, enriching visual content across various platforms. In its latest iteration, DsImageViewer, included with Document Solutions for Imaging, introduces two powerful additions to its repertoire of filters: Brightness and Contrast. These filters help users to enhance images, allowing for precise adjustments to highlight specific features and achieve the desired visual impact.

Brightness Filter: The Brightness filter is a versatile tool designed to modify the luminosity of an image by fine-tuning the intensity of each pixel's color channels. Operating within an 'Intensity' range from -100 to 100, this filter provides users with unparalleled control over their images. Setting the 'Intensity' to 0 preserves the image's original brightness, while positive values elevate brightness, imparting a lighter and more illuminated quality. Conversely, negative values dim the brightness, creating a captivating, darker aesthetic.

Contrast Filter: Complementing the Brightness filter, the Contrast filter is a game-changer in image editing. This filter enhances or diminishes the distinction between light and dark areas, infusing depth and impact into every element. The adjustment of contrast with a specified 'Intensity' level transforms the image's tonal range. Bright areas become more vibrant, while dark areas acquire a heightened intensity. Leveraging the 'Intensity' slider within a range of -100 to 100, users can tailor their contrast adjustments to achieve subtle enhancements or make pronounced alterations, aligning with their unique creative vision.

The Contrast filter operates by adjusting pixel values' intensity, fostering clearer separation between elements within the image. This sophisticated process ensures a refined and polished final result, regardless of whether you're aiming for nuanced enhancements or bold visual statements.

Also refer to - How to add Image Filters plugin panel.

Apply brightness, contrast, and other filters to images via JS Image viewer

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