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Document Solutions 2024 Roadmap

Exciting developments await in 2024 as we unveil our plans for the year! In an era where businesses and industries extensively utilize standard file formats such as .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, and various image formats (PNG, JPEG, etc.), developers increasingly seek tools and components that enable seamless document viewing within online applications. The goal is to achieve this without reliance on third-party tools like Adobe Acrobat or, Microsoft Word or Excel, usage of which incurs significant costs and overhead.

Currently, the limited availability of tools supporting standard document viewing or editing poses challenges, often requiring substantial investment. Additionally, the need for specific tools to view data generated from Enterprise systems results in the installation of third-party applications on machines or the cumbersome search for disparate sources online.

Building on the success of three major releases and 15+ customer-centric maintenance releases last year, our commitment to leading the way in Document API and automation components for business applications remains unwavering. As we embark on the new year, Document Solutions is poised to deliver enhanced, feature-rich, faster, and more efficient Document APIs and viewer components, promising unparalleled value for developers, companies, and product managers. Explore some key highlights of the upcoming features that await you.

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Document Solutions for PDF

Document Solutions for PDF (DsPdf) adheres closely to a significant portion of the Adobe PDF specification 2.0. In the previous year, we enhanced the API by incorporating additional features from the PDF specification, improving the speed of loading and processing PDFs, enabling custom time-stamps, Table rendering API, facilitating the handling of password-protected files without the need to specify the password, and introducing a new API for manipulating low-level PDF primitives.

In 2024, our focus is on expanding support in the following areas:

  • Increased coverage of the PDF specification
  • Introduction of more features aimed at optimizing PDFs

Document Solutions PDF Viewer

Document Solutions PDF Viewer (DsPdfViewer) is designed to facilitate viewing and editing PDF documents while supporting sharing and collaboration on PDFs within web applications. In the previous year, significant additions were made to the viewer, including the addition of features such as the PDF organizer for reviewing documents in edit mode, a client-side document signing API, enhancements to the PDF Layers panel, improvements to the document list panel, the introduction of a floating search bar, and the ability to display PDFs with Initial View settings.

Looking ahead to 2024, our plans include:

  • Implementing multiple enhancements to existing editing features.
  • Introducing client-side PDF editing capabilities

Document Solutions for Excel

Document Solutions for Excel (DsExcel) is a comprehensive Excel API built on Excel's document object model, enabling developers to create and manipulate .xlsx spreadsheets with optimized performance and minimal resource usage in .NET 8 applications. In the previous year, we implemented numerous enhancements to DsExcel Templates, extending support for multiple MS Excel features in the API and reinforcing compatibility with SpreadJS at the backend. We expand the feature set to accomplish more intricate use cases for your Excel spreadsheets. Our roadmap for 2024 includes:

  • Enhanced support for additional MS Excel features in the API
  • Refactoring DsExcel Templates to support more use cases
  • Introducing more features for seamless integration with SpreadJS

Document Solutions Data Viewer

Document Solutions Data Viewer (DsDataViewer), a client-side viewer crafted with JavaScript, offers the capability to load and preview data-centric documents such as .xlsx, .csv, SpreadJS .json, and SpreadJS .sjs files. In the previous year, we introduced Standard and Professional license features to enhance the viewer's functionality, including the ability to load Excel files with additional Excel features, customize toolbar options, load files from remote URLs, toggle the display of notes, and support for loading and viewing SpreadJS .sjs files.

Looking forward to 2024, our plans entail:

  • Expanding support for a broader range of data formats
  • Implementing export/download functionality to various formats
  • Adding features to enhance working with data files and performing transformations

Document Solutions for Word

We've been enhancing Document Solutions for Word (DsWord) to align with a substantial portion of the Word object model, allowing dynamic Word reports to be generated from DsWord Report templates without starting from scratch. Last year, DsWord Templates saw the addition of numerous features, including OfficeMath functions, Helper methods for content insertion, 3D effects support in shapes and fonts, picture effects, and more.

Anticipate the following in DsWord for 2024:

  • Expanded coverage of features from the Microsoft Word specification
  • Introduction of additional features to DsWord Report Templates, particularly for calculations

Document Solutions for Imaging

The Imaging library, Document Solutions for Imaging (DsImaging), supports proprietary algorithms for image processing. In the previous year, we introduced features such as the ability to add complex layouts to images, Table rendering API, and more. The roadmap for 2024 involves providing additional real-time samples and services showcasing image processing features.

Document Solutions Image Viewer

The cross-platform JavaScript-based client-side Document Solutions Image Viewer (DsImageViewer) facilitates the viewing and editing image files in web applications. Initially supporting all major image formats and providing features like image filters, paint and text tools, select, cut, copy, paste, crop, and resize, we plan the following for 2024:

  • Introducing additional options for image editing, including insert object tools, filters, and more
  • Enabling the ability to save images in one format to another

Stay tuned for all our upcoming Document Solutions releases in 2024! We trust this information will unveil exciting new features in Document Solutions for the year.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please use the comments below. You can also contact us by submitting your questions on the MESCIUS contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

Ready for 2024 with MESCIUS? Download Document Solutions Today!


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