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Import and Export SpreadJS .sjs Files using .NET and Java

Seamless import and export of new SpreadJS file format (.sjs) using Document Solutions for Excel, .NET and Java Editions.

  • Faster conversion of large Excel files to .sjs format
  • Save exported file with a smaller footprint
  • Import/Export Excel features to/from SpreadJS
  • Significantly improves the load time and memory usage when working with very large Excel files
  • Export workbook to JSON file structure similar to MS Excel XML structure
  • Generate a single JSON string from the JSON files zipped in .sjs file
  • Customize opening and saving of .sjs files using various options available
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Document Solutions for Excel (DsExcel) .NET Edition and Java Edition supports import and export of SpreadJS new file format (.sjs). This new .sjs format significantly improves the load time and memory usage when working with very large Excel files while also greatly reducing the exported file size.

Benefits of Using .SJS File with DsExcel

Faster Export of Large Excel Files

Export large Excel spreadsheets to .sjs format which is much faster than other formats.

Smaller Footprint for Saved Excel File

Smaller disk size of Excel Workbooks saved to .sjs format. It zips JSON files, similar to the Excel XML structure, with a reduced footprint.

Import SpreadJS .sjs to Excel

Using DsExcel for .NET and Java, easily convert Excel XLSX to SpreadJS .sjs files.

Custom Import/Export Options

Choose whether to include style, formula, names, and empty cell while importing or exporting to .sjs file using the open and save options.

Generate JSON for a Spreadsheet File

Convert SpreadJS or Excel spreadsheet to a .sjs compatible JSON string or stream.

Top Import and Export Features

Import/Export .sjs files in .NET and Java Apps

DsExcel offers to import/export commonly used spreadsheet features from SpreadJS .sjs file to Excel and vice-versa. Some of them are as follows:

  • Formulas and Validations
  • Styles and formatting
  • Range, Table, Pivot
  • Chart, Shape, Picture
  • TableSheet, GanttSheet, ReportSheet
  • Form Controls
  • Notes, Comments, and more.

Check out the complete list for .NET | JAVA

DsExcel can also control the SpreadJS features to include while importing/exporting “.sjs” files.