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.NET Zip Component with Encryption

Quickly compress and decompress data in C#, with support for encryption, using ComponentOne Zip for .NET.

  • Easily manipulate and work with compressed data
  • Compress and decompress data into .NET streams
  • Create or open password-protected ZIP files from C# code
  • Inspect ZIP file details and ensure integrity
  • 100% managed C# .NET Standard implementation for cross-platform compatibility

ComponentOne Zip is part of Studio Enterprise, WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET MVC Edition.

Why Choose ComponentOne Zip?

Fast and Light Footprint

Our Zip component's low memory compression engine allows you to zip and unzip files, strings, objects and memory buffers into new or existing files or streams completely in memory.

Manage Password Protected ZIP Files

Unlike the .NET ZipArchive class, the ComponentOne Zip library supports encryption for ensuring data security. You can compress and decompress password protected ZIP files in C# code.

Optimize Disk Space and Performance

Compressing .NET serializable objects like database tables to streams can reduce their size by 50-80%. You can quickly compress objects in memory to save disk space and network bandwidth.

100% Managed C# Code

ComponentOne Zip includes a C# implementation ZLIB, which provides low-level, lossless data compression that essentially never expands the data and has a memory footprint independent from input data.

.NET Zip Key Features

Common ZIP File Support

ZIP is the most common and popular lossless compression method. Our .NET component allows you to compresses and decompress data into ZIP files and streams. The component does not support other formats such as gzip, zip2, tar, or rar.

Compress Files and Folders using Streams

With ComponentOne Zip, you can easily compress and expand files and folders while preserving the folder structure. With streams you can read ZIP files embedded in application resources or stored in database fields instead of in actual files.

Encryption Support

Protect your ZIP files with a password from C# code. ComponentOne Zip lets you add password encryption to compressed files and folders, thereby ensuring data security. Our .NET Zip library can also decompress, or unzip, password-protected files and folders.

ZLIB Data Compression Support

ComponentOne Zip includes a 100% managed C# implementation of Adler and Gailly's ZLIB code, which is a general-purpose, lossless data-compression library. The ZLIB data format is portable and, unlike Unix and LZW compression, it never expands the data and has a memory footprint independent of input data.

Compress Large Files with Zip64 Support

ComponentOne Zip can compress large files and folders. The library supports Zip64 files. This allows for entries longer than the usual 4 GB limit and also allows more entries per zip file. The maximum uncompressed file size is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 bytes (long.MaxValue).

Inspect ZIP Contents

Easily obtain ZIP file information, including a detailed list of the file's contents, paths, compressed sizes, dates and get or set the global ZIP file comment. You can also ensure file integrity and safety by inspecting the checksum.

Compress Serializable Objects

Compressing .NET serializable objects like database tables to streams can reduce their size by 50-80%. You can easily serialize objects into compressed files, and then load them back into memory to save disk space and network bandwidth.

Control the Compression Level

With our .NET Zip library you can control the amount of compression applied to files. Choose a high level of compression, high speed, or both depending on your scenario.

Cross-Platform .NET Support

ComponentOne Zip can be used across virtually every .NET project. Use the C1.C1Zip library for .NET Framework and use the C1.Zip library for .NET Core and newer applications.