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    Zip Overview
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    C1Zip for .NET Standard 2.0 is a robust and easy-to-use .NET library that lets users work with advanced file compression and extraction on different platforms. With the Zip Library, you can compress large data, be it images, docx, xlsx or pdf files and enhance the responsiveness of your application.

    This is a flow diagram for C1.Zip

    As a powerful API library, C1Zip also allows you to add and delete compressed files and folders and even read and write to zip files stored in streams. For the security-conscious user, the Zip library enables swift and safe transactions over the wire by password-protecting the ZIP files and folders.

    C1.Zip provides the following benefits to the user:

    Key Features

    The C1Zip library offers many outstanding features beyond simple compression and extraction. These features are listed below:

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