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20+ Professionally Designed Themes for WPF

Choose one of our 20+ professionally-designed themes, or design your own theme completely from the ground up to fit your company branding and design.

  • Style your entire WPF application with themes inspired by popular interfaces like Microsoft Office, Windows 11 and Material UI
  • Quickly customize any ComponentOne control style thanks to our ClearStyle technology
  • Supports Windows 11 and high-contrast themes
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Why Choose ComponentOne WPF Themes?

Quickly Style Apps

Quickly Style Entire Application

With just one line of code you can apply any ComponentOne WPF Theme to your entire desktop application. Or just drop the theme component into your XAML.


Easily Create Your Own Theme

With or without a theme, you can change ComponentOne WPF control colors without having to modify control templates. Change the entire look by just setting a few brush properties!

Provide Skins for Users

Because it's easy to apply themes, you can deliver application themes, or skins, for your user to choose from with minimal code.

Consistent and Implicit Styling

ComponentOne WPF controls support the Implicit Style Manager for designing themes, which is the same standard used by Microsoft controls. This ensures a consistent approach to styling all controls in your application.

Support for .NET Ribbon

Some of our WPF themes also support styling the .NET WPF Ribbon control, so you do not have to worry about mixing control libraries.

Control Templates

Access to Control Templates

If themes and styling aren't enough, we also provide all the control XAML templates and resource files so you may customize the appearance more precisely to meet your requirements.

.NET 6+ WPF Themes

.NET Framework WPF Themes

Easy Styling for ComponentOne WPF Controls

Thanks to our extensive API, creating a custom theme is as easy as it gets. For the most common scenarios you can easily change control colors without having to modify control templates. By just setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio, you can quickly give a control a unique look to match your application or company branding.