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WinForms Listbox Control

The Most Full-Featured WinForms Listbox Control

Display and select data with many features not found in other .NET listbox controls using ComponentOne List for WinForms.

  • Display data in multiple columns with sorting, resizing and reordering
  • Add custom in-cell objects and conditional formatting
  • Provide interactive horizontal and vertical splits
  • Get the same list functionality as a drop-down combobox
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Why Choose WinForms Listbox Control?

Quickly Style Apps

Great Data Management with Minimal Code

Create bound or unbound lists with multiple columns and configure all aspects of the C1List control's layout at design time with no coding required.

Listbox Control for .NET 6

The Most Powerful Listbox Control for .NET 6

The WinForms listbox comes packed with most of the features you find in full datagrids such as interactive splits, column sorting, alternating rows, data-mapping, fixed columns, and multiple-line data display.

Capture User Input

Effortlessly Go From Listbox to Combobox

Using the additional C1Combo control, get all of the great data management features such as multiple columns and sorting as a WinForms combobox with added search and autocomplete features.

WinForms Listbox Key Features

Data Management Features

  • Sort, resize, and freeze columns, and allow users to reorder them at runtime
  • Enable rows to span multiple lines to decrease horizontal scrolling
  • Excel-like splits separate data into horizontal and vertical panes for multiple views and independent scrolling
  • Select multiple items with checkboxes
  • Create unbound lists and comboboxes with minimal code, or add unbound columns to bound data
  • Automatically translate database values into alternate text or graphics without coding
  • Add in-cell objects for data display and editing, like bitmaps, buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons

Create Custom Colors Using the Built-in Editor

  • Easily customize the listbox appearance with hierarchical style objects that encapsulate font, color, picture, and formatting information.
  • Enhance the readability of the list's display with alternating row colors
  • Customize the size, color, and type of cell borders
  • Apply different styles to individual cells depending on their content
  • Display text right-to-left for Arabic and Hebrew cultures
  • Apply any of the supported WinForms modern themes and Microsoft Office-inspired visual styles

Excel-Like Horizontal and Vertical Splits

Like Microsoft Excel, the WinForms listbox control has the ability to split both horizontally and vertically allowing simultaneous selection from multiple copies of the same list. In addition, splits can be used to compare two rows or columns of data located in different parts of the listview. Each pane contains a copy of the entire list and the split bars can be manipulated individually or together to allow you to see various rows and columns of data at the same time.

Display Tooltips on Cells and During Scroll

Display additional information and help the end-user know where they are in the list during scroll by providing CellTips and ScrollTips.Run-time CellTips provide context-sensitive help for end users by displaying cut-off text or additional data in tooltips. Deferred scrolling and ScrollTips allow location tracking of the scroll bar in the list and provide tooltips during scrolling.

A Powerful ComboBox with Search and Autocomplete

Get the same powerful list control as a combobox using the C1Combo control. End-users can quickly locate list items by typing. The search supports both single-character matching and an incremental search mode that concatenates typed characters to further refine the query. C1Combo also supports autocomplete along with incremental search to fill the text portion with matching field data as characters are typed.