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Winforms Touch

Add Touch-Based Zooming and Detect Gestures in WinForms

Turn your Windows Forms into touch-first applications with ComponentOne TouchToolKit for WinForms.

  • Enable touch support for your entire WinForms application, not just at the control level
  • Implement and detect common gestures like pinch, swipe, flick, and many more

  • Improve usability with zoom, magnification, and pan support
  • Supports .NET Framework and .NET 6+
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Why Choose TouchToolkit for WinForms?

Modernize Your Desktop Applications

Update older applications to accommodate newer Windows 10 and 11 devices with dual touch and mouse input. Preserve a familiar user experience without adopting a new platform or technology.

Enable Touch Support For Any WinForms Application

Add touch support to your existing application without rewriting anything. By just adding one component to your form, users can zoom in and out with multi-touch gestures.

Capture Nine Different Gestures

Gesture-based touch input has become second nature for software users. TouchToolkit helps detect common gestures in your .NET application such as tap and hold, double tap, pinch, stretch, flick, and swipe.

WinForms TouchToolkit Key Features

The ComponentOne TouchToolkit for WinForms includes several components to enhance different
 zooming and magnifying operations by touch gestures.

Pinch and Stretch Zooming

Improve your application user's experience on tablet and touch-enabled devices by adding a C1Zoom component to your form. It helps to increase the size of small buttons, labels, and any unfriendly UI elements by allowing users to zoom in and out with multi-touch gestures, otherwise known as pinch and stretch. The original form layout does not need to be rewritten to support touch.

Scrolling and Panning Window

Create a panning window that lets users see where they are currently scrolling or panning within your desktop application. You can position the panning window at any position and it will travel relative to the parent form. The panning window is supported using the C1Zoom component.

Detect Touch and Pen Gestures

The WinForms TouchToolkit enables you to detect touch and pen gestures such as tap and hold, flicks, swipes and other manipulation events. The C1TouchEventProvider allows you to differentiate between tapping and clicking, so that your application can behave differently for touch users. You can also detect pen input separately from touch.

Touch-Enabled Magnify Window

With the C1Magnify component you can display a popup magnifier window over any control when the user taps and holds. For example, you can use the magnify component to enlarge text during selection. This is very helpful for precise text selection on a touch screen. You can customize the size, shape and delay of the magnify window.

High Resolution Image Zooming

Replace your PictureBox with the C1MultiScaleImage control to display higher resolution images when enlarging through zooming. The C1MultiScaleImage control can show different images for different zoom factors. For example, the control can show normal size images for 100% zoom and the control can show higher resolution images if the control is zoomed to 200%.

Touch-Friendly Zoom Control Bar

Easily create a floating, translucent control bar that allows touch and mouse users the same zooming capabilities. You can customize the control bar to include a slider, scroll buttons, zoom in and zoom out buttons. The control bar remains at a static position when resizing the form.

Additional Features

Zoom Entire Application

The C1ApplicationZoom component allows users to zoom all controls of all Forms in the project. Creating and using a C1ApplicationZoom is very similar to using a regular C1Zoom component.

WinForms Zoom Panel

If you want to add zooming to only part of the form, you can use the C1ZoomPanel. This is useful when want menus to remain static.

Flexible Zoom Policies

TouchToolKit for WinForms provides zoom policies and templates to support standard .NET controls or any 3rd party control that has a ZoomFactor property.