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Advanced WinForms SplitContainer Control

ComponentOne SplitContainer for WinForms is a multi-panel layout control that provides advanced features like collapsing and visual styles.

  • Deliver customizable layouts with resizing splitter bars
  • Expand and collapse multiple regions of the form
  • Upgrade the standard .NET SplitContainer in all of your WinForms applications

SplitContainer is part of ComponentOne WinForms Edition.

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Why Choose SplitContainer for WinForms?

More than the Standard SplitContainer

ComponentOne SplitContainer is similar to the standard .NET control, but it can support more than two panels at a time, as well as headers, visual styles, and collapsible buttons.

Deliver Customizable Layouts

With the WinForms SplitContainer, end-users can resize panels and collapse sections to best view application data.

Flexible Resizing Behavior

Get complete flexibility with minimal coding. You can configure each panel to have absolute, fixed or relative sizes when the form is resized.

WinForms SplitContainer Key Features

Resizable and Collapsible Panels

Each panel in ComponentOne SplitContainer can be fixed or resizable. Users can resize panels on the fly by dragging the special splitter element. The actual size of the panel can be updated when the user releases the mouse button or while dragging. Panels can also be collapsed using the collapsible button that, when clicked, minimizes the panel to the edge it's docked to.

Built-in Visual Styles

Our WinForms SplitContainer supports system and Office visual styles, so your panels can match the rest of your UI built with styled ComponentOne controls.

Additional Features

Panel Headers

Panels can display headers with caption text. You can adjust the appearance of headers with simple property settings.

Nested Panels

The WinForms SplitContainer supports nesting other SplitContainer controls to create more complex layouts.

Splitter Bar Tooltip

Display tooltip text on the splitter bar collapse button to help users understand the functionality.