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.NET Input Form Management

Time-Saving Input Form Management

ComponentOne InputPanel is the new paradigm to easily create and maintain WinForms data-entry forms.

  • Manage the design and layout of an entire form through one component
  • Create dynamic, databound forms without having to position each element
  • Choose among stacked, flowing and grid layouts with 20 built-in editors
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Why Choose InputPanel for WinForms?

Data Entry Form

All-in-One Data Entry Form

Our innovative InputPanel is a single control that makes it easy to create and manage complete data-entry forms.

Professional Styles

Code-free Input Form Design

Easily add, remove and rearrange items in the WinForms input panel at design-time without writing a single line of code.

Dynamic Input Forms

Create Dynamic Input Forms

Generate and modify input forms on the fly without having to worry about layout, positioning and tab order of each item.

WinForms Input Form Key Features

WinForms Input Instant Form

Instant Form Generation

Set the InputPanel data source and each input control is automatically generated with a corresponding label. A navigation bar is also added to the form for end-users to navigate and update records.

WinForms Input Built-in Editors

20 Built-in Editors

The InputPanel will automatically select each input control based on the data type, but you can override this and choose from any of the 20 built-in editors. You can also host your own custom controls, add images, separators and more.

WinForms Input Multi-Column Layout

Multi-Column Layout

By default, the WinForms input form flows row to row. You can break the stacked flow at any point to create multiple column layouts. Scroll-bars automatically appear to ensure the layout is always accessible.

WinForms Input Grid and Flow Layout

Grid and Flow Layout

Create layouts that wrap and flow left to right by just setting one property. Or align items in a grid without worrying about scaling when the form is resized. When you insert or remove any field the remaining editors adjust automatically so input form management is easy.

Additional Features

Automatic Tab Order

The InputPanel automatically establishes the tab order, making it possible for end-users to naturally tab from entry to entry at run time.

Accelerator Keys

When the form is populated with fields from a data source, accelerator keys are automatically generated. Use the key accelerator editor to manage key duplicates.


Provide helpful information to users about a form field using tooltips. You can easily design rich tooltip content with images and HTML.

Validation and Error Handling

Display visual alerts when a user enters invalid input. By default, the alert is a red frame around the input control. You can also add custom alerts like tooltips.

Collapsible Group Headers

Group input fields into categories and allow users to expand or collapse groups at runtime.

40+ Themes Support

Choose from 40+ included themes or customize your own using the C1ThemeController.

WinForms Input Form Demos

Desktop Demo Explorer

All of our WinForms demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Explore every feature for ComponentOne InputPanel using the Control Explorer application for .NET Framework or .NET 6+.