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WinForms Accordion Control

WinForms Accordion Control

The ComponentOne WinForms Accordion is a compact UI control that expands and collapses pages.

  • Organize content, such as navigation links, in collapsible pages
  • Expand and collapse one or all pages to preserve screen real estate
  • Display the accordion layout in any direction
  • Supports .NET 6 and higher

Why Choose Accordion for WinForms?

Accordion View

Optimize Layout

The WinForms Accordion can be used as a layout control to organize content on multiple, collapsible panels or menu items for navigation.

Side Bar Navigation

Create Side Bar Navigation

Use the WinForms Accordion to create your application's side bar with collapsible groups. Display the control with a hamburger menu button.

Flexible Options

Get Flexible Options

A traditional accordion expands one page at one time. Configure the ComponentOne Accordion control to expand any number of pages in any direction.

WinForms Accordion Key Features

WinForms Accordion Animation

Expand & Collapse Pages of Content

The WinForms Accordion provides a visually compelling interface for a menu or a navigation bar in your application. The control also supports expanding all or a single pane at a time using the AllowCollapseAll property.

WinForms Accordion Horizontal

Expand More than One Direction

Expand the accordion up, down, left, or right. The default setting displays content below each header. You can customize the dock behavior to determine how the control fills its parent container. Scrollbars automatically appear when content overflows the available space.

WinForms Accordion Header

Customize the Accordion Header & Icons

Each accordion pane's header can be customized with both text and image. You can also display a tooltip for each header to provide additional information to the user.