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A Fluent Blazor Accordion Component

The ComponentOne Blazor Accordion control is a compact interface to help expand and collapse specific view from a stacked list of views. Supports selecting and expanding one or more items.

  • Organize content in collapsible panes
  • Display a list of expandable items
  • Interactively expand and collapse the views based on the user needs
  • Expanded layout in any direction with support for one or more items
  • Supports .NET 6, Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications
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Set Expand Direction and Fill

Expand the accordion up, down, left, or right. The default setting, down, displays content below each header. Customize the fill behavior with a single property setting. When the Blazor Accordion is set to Fill, items will expand to the fully available space on the screen.

Flexible Data Binding and Drill-Down

Because the Blazor accordion control inherits from ItemsControl, you can bind it to any collection of data objects. Use the control to provide drill-down on a list of items and, like any ItemsControl, use a data template to create a visual representation of each item.

Collapse and Expand Animation

Complete with smooth animations, the Blazor Accordion provides a visually compelling interface for a menu or a navigation bar in your application. The control also supports expanding all or a single pane at a time using the ExpandMode property.

Simple Expander for Single Panels

Use the simpler Blazor Expander component to expand and collapse a single UI container. The Accordion combines multiple Expanders, but you can use the C1Expander component separately. Customize the header with any UI controls, expand the control in any direction, and choose whether or not it’s expanded upon page load. For example, use C1Expander to create a collapsible sidebar.