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Introducing DataViewsJS - A New JavaScript Presentation Control

We are pleased to announce DataViewsJS, the newest product in our JavaScript product line. DataViewsJS is the ultimate JavaScript data presentation control. Designed to go beyond the traditional tabular display with advanced presentation views, this control meets the needs of modern web applications such as CRM, HR, project management, and eCommerce systems, social networks, and more.

A Powerful Grid for Powerful Applications

DataViewsJS core is a full-featured grid control for traditional tabular layout.

DataViewsJS Features
  • Extremely Fast data binding and calculation engine
  • Multi-column sorting, filter expressions, and quick search
  • Groups with fixed headers, compact mode, and summary functions
  • Multiple edit modes-inline, form, and popup
  • Row action commands with touch slide support
  • Automatic row height based on content
  • Banded column headers
  • Collapsible pivot columns
  • Layout and grouping panels

DataViewsJS with Advanced Layouts

This new control enables advanced layouts, including:

  • Card: Lays out each row as easily formatted card templates as list, grid or trellis. Ideal for eCommerce product catalogs and CRM contact lists.
  • Horizontal: Rows can be arranged horizontally to create informative product comparison tables.
  • Tree Grid: Tree view for your hierarchical data. Includes special aggregation functions to summarize data easily and effectively. Used for hierarchical income statements, budgets and chart of accounts in accounting applications.
  • Timeline: Make each row an object on a timeline complete with options such as date and line placement, and header toggle.
  • Trellis: Trellis card display for perfect Kanban views of your project management applications.
  • Calendar: Display summary KPIs of your data in a calendar view for an easy monthly overview. Enables creative calendar implementations, sales reports and weather forecasts.
  • Gantt: Use the Gantt column to visualize project tasks and milestones for more effective planning.
  • Masonry: A size-perfect gallery of your images with infinite scrolling, all with a few lines of code.
  • Social News Feed: Customize cards to render as news posts similar to popular social media applications.

Common Control Features

  • Full Framework Support: Angular, React and Vue.
  • Sparklines: include concise charts and alert icons for informative displays
  • Lazy Loading and Server-Side Paging
  • Standalone Calculation Engine
  • Localization: includes localized resources for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Additional languages can be easily added.

Framework Support

While DataViewsJS can be used in pure JavaScript, it has support for other frameworks, including React, Vue, and Angular.

Read more about DataViewsJS:

DataViewsJS Demos | DataViewsJS Documentation

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Kevin Ashley - Spread Product Manager

Kevin Ashley

Product Manager
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