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Accessibility for JavaScript Datagrids

Wijmo's JavaScript datagrid, FlexGrid, comes with an extensive list of features that support accessibility. Whether its using ARIA technology to help users interact with and modify the FlexGrid, or using Excel-like keyboard shortcuts to easily traverse its contents, FlexGrid makes it easy for anyone to be able to use it.

WAI-ARIA Support

By adding ARIA attributes to the FlexGrid, users with disabilities now have an easier time interfacing with the JavaScript datagrid. This not only makes it easier for users with disabilities to use FlexGrid, but also allows them to use more complex features, such as FlexGrid's Excel-like filtering and CellTemplates.

Accessibility Extender Demo

Accessibility Extender Documentation

Keyboard Navigation

FlexGrid supports a large number of key shortcuts to quickly traverse the datagrid. Not only do the keyboard commands follow ARIA recommendations, but they are largely compatible with Excel–making it easier to seamlessly switch between using FlexGrid in JavaScript apps and Excel.

Keyboard Navigation Documentation

Click-Event Handling

Some accessibility scenarios expect to obtain references to child elements and fire code using the child element's click event. This was not available in FlexGrid by default, so we've implemented a HitTest constructor that takes elements as parameters and builds the hit-test information–allowing the datagrid to honor click events that are fired in code.

Click-Event Handling Documentation