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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns the reference specified by a text string.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    Reftext A reference to a cell that contains an A1 reference, an R1C1 reference, a name defined as a reference, or a text string reference to a cell. This argument is required.
    A1 A logical value that specifies what type of reference is contained in the cell Reftext. This argument is optional.


    Use INDIRECT when you want to change the reference to a cell within a formula without changing the formula itself. Reftext is interpreted as an A1 reference if A1 is TRUE or omitted. Reftext is interpreted as an R1C1 reference if A1 is FALSE. If Reftext is not a valid cell reference, INDIRECT returns the #REF! error value. Changing a cell value causes the INDIRECT function and all dependent cells to recalculate.

    Data Types

    Accepts any data. Returns any data type.




    INDIRECT("R[-"&B1&"]C[-"&B2&"]", false)

    Version Available

    This function is available in Spread for Windows Forms 11.0 or later.

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