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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns the serial number of the date before or after a specified number of workdays with custom weekend parameters.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    startdate Date that is the starting date; a number (as in 37806.5), or a DateTime object, as in DATE(2003,7,4)
    numdays Number of workdays before or after the starting date; days in the future are positive and days in the past are negative; if not an integer, the number is truncated
    weekend [Optional] A number or string that specifies when weekends occur. Weekend days are days of the week that are not counted as working days
    holidays [Optional] Range of dates to exclude from the calculation; if omitted, the calculation assumes no holidays and all weekdays are workdays

    The following table lists the weekend number values:

    Number Day
    1 or omitted Saturday, Sunday
    2 Sunday, Monday
    3 Monday, Tuesday
    4 Tuesday, Wednesday
    5 Wednesday, Thursday
    6 Thursday, Friday
    7 Friday, Saturday
    11 Sunday only
    12 Monday only
    13 Tuesday only
    14 Wednesday only
    15 Thursday only
    16 Friday only
    17 Saturday only


    Weekend string values are seven characters long and each character in the string represents a day of the week, starting with Monday. A non-workday is 1 and a workday is 0. Only characters 1 and 0 are allowed in the string. The string 1111111 always returns 0.

    Weekend days and holidays are not considered to be workdays.

    Data Types

    Accepts numeric, string, or DateTime object data. Returns numeric data.





    Version Available

    This function is available in Spread for Windows Forms 11.0 or later.

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