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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns a reference to a range. The range is a specified number of rows and columns from a cell or range of cells. The function returns a single cell or a range of cells.




    This function has these arguments:.

    Argument Description
    reference The location from which to base the offset
    rows Number of rows to which the upper left cell refers
    cols Number of columns to which the upper left cell refers
    height [Optional] Number of returned rows; if omitted, same as reference
    width [Optional] Number of returned columns; if omitted, same as reference

    The cols can be positive (right of the reference) or negative (left). If height or width is omitted, it is the same as the reference.


    This is a volatile function.

    Data Types

    Accepts a cell range for reference. Accepts numbers for rows, cols, height, and width. Returns a cell range.




    Version Available

    This function is available in product version 2.5 or later.

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