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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns an array of text values from a specified range. It returns text values as it is and converts non-text values to text.


    ARRAYTOTEXT (array, format)


    This function has the following arguments:

    Argument Description
    array [Required] The array to return as text.

    [Optional] The format of returned data.

    • 0 (default) - Concise format which returns text that is easy to read in a cell with general formatting applied.
    • 1 - Strict format which returns text in a strict array format. It can be parsed in the formula bar and includes escape characters and row delimiters. The text returned is encapsulated in quotes except for booleans, numbers, and errors.


    If the format option is set to anything other than 0 or 1, the function returns the #VALUE! error value.

    Data Types

    The concise format return a text value, whereas the strict format returns an array of the same size and shape as the input.




    Version Available

    This function is available in product version 14.1 or later.