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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This function returns the amount of payment of principal for a loan given the present value, specified interest rate, and number of terms.




    This function has these arguments:

    Argument Description
    rate Value of interest rate per period.
    per Number of the period for which to find the interest, between 1 and nper
    nper Total number of payment periods in an annuity.
    pval Present value, worth now
    fval [Optional] Future value, cash value after the last payment; if omitted, the calculation uses zero
    type [Optional] Indicates when payments are due; at the end (0) or beginning (1) of the period; if omitted, the calculation uses the end (0)


    Be sure to express the interest rate as per annum. For example, if the interest rate is 8 percent, use 8 for the rate argument.

    The result is represented by a negative number because it is money paid out by you.

    See the PV function for the equation for calculating financial values.

    Data Types

    Accepts numeric data for all arguments. Returns numeric data.




    PPMT(0.45, 22, 30, 6000, 7000) gives the result -$206.47

    Version Available

    This function is available in product version 1.0 or later.

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