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SpreadJS v13 Maintenance Releases

MR 13.1.4 - June 25, 2020

Issue fixed in v13.1.4

  • 3078: Fix: Conditional formatting style couldn’t be changed
  • 4204: Fix: Sheet is deselected when canceling sheet hiding in the SheetChanging event
  • 4403: Fix: The StatusBar.dispose() and formulaTextBox.destroy() methods wouldn’t properly restore the host element
  • 4507: Fix: Conditional formatting didn’t work after exporting to Excel
  • 4539: Fix: Cell wouldn’t be correctly formatted as text
  • 4558: Fix: Exporting a specific Excel file throws an error
  • 4561: Fix: Calling clearSelection after setting sheet protection caused the page to hang
  • 4563: Fix: Editing cells would trigger unexpected commands
  • 4565: Fix: iPad behavior was different from PC when double-clicking with CtrlPressed enabled
  • 4567: Fix: “*” caused calculation problems in Google Chrome
  • 4576: Fix: The CHITEST function calculated incorrectly
  • 4577: Fix: The location of hyperlinks were incorrect when there were multiple sheets in a workbook
  • 4586: Fix: Formula references were wrong when there are special characters in the sheet name

MR 13.1.3 - June 11, 2020

Issue fixed in v13.1.3

  • 4300: Fix: Sub groups wouldn’t collapse when direction was reversed 4393: Fix: IRR formula didn’t calculate correctly
  • 4435: Fix: Data display exception occurred after setting a data source
  • 4442: Fix: Browser crashed when adding a sunburst or pie chart
  • 4459: Fix: IRR formula result was different from Excel
  • 4462: Fix: Browser would hang when exporting to PDF
  • 4489: Fix: Result of getViewportRightColumn was incorrect
  • 4494: Fix: MOD formula doesn’t work correctly with date-time formatted values
  • 4500: Fix: Input Text is incorrectly set to a different cell
  • 4509: Fix: Custom celltypes would not support hyperlinks
  • 4510: Fix: ShowRow did not work correctly
  • 4512: Fix: Custom icon API was added back to icon-set rule

MR 13.1.1 - May 14, 2020

Issues fixed in 13.1.1

  • 2927: Fix: Hidden rows were deleted when a column was filtered
  • 3281: Fix: Issue with combining stacked column and clustered column charts
  • 3694: Fix: Chart range won’t update after drag moving
  • 3695: Fix: Chart draws incorrectly after drag moving and then redoing
  • 3738: Fix: Cross sheet formulas didn’t update after cut/paste
  • 3810: Fix: Chart layout and referenced data ranges didn’t update correctly when drag moving
  • 3813: Fix: Error thrown when undoing a cut/paste of a bar chart data range
  • 3973: Fix: Information missing from charts when Excel file is imported
  • 4016: Fix: Chart displays incorrectly when importing
  • 4140: Fix: Status Bar doesn’t work when selected cell range contains a subtotal formula
  • 4146: Fix: Formula did not calculate correctly when calculate on demand is set to false
  • 4156: Fix: Types info for isUndo property on the ICellChangedEventArgs interface was missing
  • 4183: Fix: Performance issue with importing an Excel file
  • 4188: Fix: Formula array preventing sorting in a row
  • 4206: Fix: toJSON function causing printInfo rowEnd to change
  • 4209: Fix: Extra space added at the top of vertical text cells if wrap text is enabled
  • 4217: Fix: Hyperlink is not properly imported from/exported to Excel
  • 4220: Fix: Outline column didn’t fire the RangeGroupStateChanged event
  • 4227: Fix: DateOccuringType.nextQuarter/thisQuarter rules didn’t work correctly
  • 4252: Fix: Incorrect time format when exporting to Excel/JSON in Seoul time zone
  • 4271: Fix: Chart rendering unneeded data points on the horizontal axis
  • 4282: Fix: Paging exception thrown with print preview
  • 4285: Fix: IRR function result was incorrect
  • 4299: Fix: Column was duplicated in a Vue project when using “v-for”
  • 4300: Fix: Sub groups couldn’t be collapsed when the direction is set to backward
  • 4301: Fix: Excel file SUMIF calculation was incorrect