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How to extract images from your report


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Steps to Complete: (This solution requires that you have Microsoft Word)

1. In your Report Designer, select the Preview tab

2. Go to File then Export to convert your report output to a Microsoft Word Document (.DOC, .DOCX)

3. Open the newly exported file in Microsoft Word.

4. Click File then Save As

5. Select the location where you want to save the file. Now, under SaveAs dropdown, select Web Page(*.htm, *.html).

6. You may also see Web Page, Filtered.  Select this option may reduce the resolution of images.

7. Click the Save button to save the Word document as the Web Page.

8. Go to the location where you have saved the file and you will see a ‘.htm’ file and the folder with the given file name.

9. Open the folder and you could see all the images listed there. Copy all these images to any folder you like.


Evan Warren