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Deploying the JSViewer and WebDesigner in ActiveReports


This KB article goes over deploying the JSViewer/WebDesigner application in ActiveReports

Steps to Complete:

1. Open your sample to be deployed, right click on project file and select Publish.

2. Publish in the desired folder.

3. Copy Reports folder to publish folder from step 2.

4. Open IIS and add Application Pool: set Name, .NET CLR version to ‘No Managed Code’ and Managed pipeline mode to ‘Integrated’. Also, open Advanced settings: Set Identity to ‘Custom account’.

5. Open IIS and Add Website: set Site name, Physical path to Publish folder from step 2, choose Application pool created in step 4 and Connect as Specific user (dw[user]).

6. Browser your site in IIS to make sure that all reports are displayed.

7. Copy Publish and Reports folders to another machine with no AR 13 installed. Check that .NET Core 2.2 Runtime & Hosting Bundle and .NET core 2.1 sdk are also installed on this machine.

9. In IIS, add new website: set Site name, Physical path to Publish folder and Connect as Specific user.

10. Browse the site

Mohit Garg