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Posted by: peterf on 9 March 2023, 6:00 am EST

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    Posted 9 March 2023, 6:00 am EST

    I inherited a project using C1ReportViewer. I’m refactoring the project to use Winforms and reusing the xml reports parameters (I’ve migrated to flxr using the Xml2Flxr solution, though they appear to be very similar).

    I have a C1FlexViewer control on my form and in the code behind I’m doing:

    var myrpt = new C1FlexReport();
    myrpt.Load("Reports.flxr", "101");
    cfv.DocumentSource = myrpt;

    At this point I get the following error:

      Message=Only 'http' and 'https' schemes are allowed.
    Parameter name: requestUri
       at System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage.InitializeValues(HttpMethod method, Uri requestUri)
  • Posted 9 March 2023, 2:05 pm EST

    Hello Peter,

    Your case has been replied on the support case CAS-38633-N1M7K7.


    Please continue the thread there only to avoid confusion.


    Prabhat Sharma.

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