Flexchart cannot adapt to the re-bound data (AxisY),incomplete display

Posted by: malishin on 16 September 2020, 4:03 am EST

  • Posted 16 September 2020, 4:03 am EST

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the Y axis of the flexchart
    2. Click the button to rebind the data
    3. You can see that the Y axis cannot fully display the data
    4. Even you set flexChart.AxisY.Max= the maximum Y value of the re-bound data,

      after using the scroll wheel to zoom it, it still cannot be restored to the complete chart


  • Posted 16 September 2020, 11:47 pm EST

    Hi Malishin,

    Thanks for providing the sample. This seems like a bug and has been escalated to the devs. We’ll revert back to you once the issue gets fixed. (TFS ID: 462679)



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