Projects with intervals in the name doesn't build with license

Posted by: ivan.dimitrov on 24 June 2022, 12:04 am EST

  • Posted 24 June 2022, 12:04 am EST


    I have attached two WinForms projects referencing GrapeCity.Srpead.WinForms where the one named ‘LicenseTest’ is built with the correct licenses, while the other ‘License Test’ builds successfully(output says that it is licensed) but running the app on non-build machine shows error for not being built with license.

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  • Posted 26 June 2022, 3:18 pm EST

    Hi Ivan,

    We have reported the issue to the development team. It seems like an issue with the targets file, as you are referring to Spread 15 from NuGet.

    In the meantime, as a workaround, you can edit the targets file of the Spread NuGet package to work around this issue.

    Change from:

    <Exec Command="$(GCLMExe) $(MyBuildID) -lc $(IntermediateOutputPath).gclicx $(TargetFileName)"

    to -:

    <Exec Command='$(GCLMExe) $(MyBuildID) -lc "$(IntermediateOutputPath).gclicx" "$(TargetFileName)"'

    If you are using the packages.config approach then you can find the targets file at location similar to projectFolder\packages\GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms.15.1.0\build. If you are using PackageReference then you can find the target file at C:\Users\username.nuget\packages\GrapeCity.Spread.WinForms.15.1.0\build.

    If you face any issues, let us know.



    [Tracking ID : SPNET-24123]

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