Make column non-selectable in FlexGrid

Posted by: daniel.koffler on 28 April 2023, 8:11 pm EST

  • Posted 28 April 2023, 8:11 pm EST


    I am using “OnSelectionChanging” from “GridCellFactory” to make a certain column non-selectable.

    However if using the arrow keys to change the selected cell indeed the respective cell/column is not selectable but also I want the column right next to non-selectable column selected immediately. (the non-selectable column should just be skipped) To achieve this I have to press the right-arrow key once again.

    If the non-selectable column is the last column in the grid and one tries to select it with the keyboard, nothing should happen and the current cell/column should stay selected.

    How can I fulfil this requirement?

    Please find my example app enclosed. Column “3” is the non-selectable column.

    Thank you

  • Posted 2 May 2023, 12:03 am EST

    Hi Daniel,

    Please update the OnSelectionChanging event as follows:

     protected override void OnSelectionChanging(GridControlSelectionEventArgs e)
                if (e.CellRanges[0].Column == 6)
                    e.Cancel = true;
                    if (e.CellRanges[0].Column != Grid.Columns.Count) 
                        var selection = Grid.Selection;
                        selection.Column = selection.Column + 2;
                        Grid.Selection = selection;
                        Grid.SetCursor(selection.Row, selection.Column);

    This code would work fine as per your request but if the last column is Non-selectable. The next row’s first cell can be selected by pressing the Tab key but the selection would be prevented for the Right arrow key.

    Hope it helps!


    Manish Gupta

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