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Posted by: cedilla-gondola.0a on 15 November 2022, 2:59 pm EST

  • Posted 15 November 2022, 2:59 pm EST

    we are trying to use an activex control from WPF to save a rewrite right now. Found this article , that refers to the Windows Forms Control Library Template. now I have Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and there is no such template. Googled and just found pages with no usable content. was wondering if I could be pointed to where this exist or is there an alternative?

  • Posted 14 December 2022, 6:23 pm EST

    The Windows Forms Control Library Template is a litte bit difficult to find. In my Visual Studio 2015 implementation I have it in the directory Visual C#\Windows\Classic Desktop. If you don’t have this template, at least for Windows Forms you can also choose template Class Library and later change it in in such a way that you can use the Testcontainer when debugging your class library.

    For how to achieve this see the post of Arnshea (6 upvotes) in this link A project with output type of class library cannot be started directly - with a startup exe. I have used his technique when I accidently used the wrong template when starting my projects.

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