Error when (re)rendering web designer

Posted by: ewan.johnstone on 11 April 2022, 10:07 pm EST

  • Posted 11 April 2022, 10:07 pm EST


    I am trying to integrate the ActiveReports web designer into an existing project. I have the following code in a React component and when I first render the component it works fine but if I leave and then come back to the component (rerendering it) I get the error message from the GrapeCity.ActiveReports.WebDesigner.renderApplication method:

    “Error: CoreDocumentsAPI[id=designer] already exists, use CoreDocumentsAPI.of(id)”

    So it seems the designer is not being cleaned up when the component is disposed. But it’s not clear to me from the documentation how I’m meant to clean up afterwards, only the viewer seems to have a destroy method. How can I prevent this error?

    import '@grapecity/ar-designer/dist/web-designer.css';
    import '@grapecity/ar-designer/dist/web-designer.js';
    import stringify from 'json-stable-stringify';
    import React, { useEffect } from 'react';
    import './ReportDesigner.scss';
    type Props = {
      mode: ReportHeaderEditMode;
      onCancel: () => void;
    export enum ReportHeaderEditMode {
      RemittanceAdvice = 1,
      ExternallyViewable = 2,
    const ReportDesigner = (props: Props) => {
      useEffect(() => {
        const params = stringify({ mode: props.mode });
        const reportPath = `Report/${0}/${params}/${false}`;
        const options = (window as any).GrapeCity.ActiveReports.WebDesigner.createDesignerOptions();
        options.reportInfo = { id: reportPath, name: reportPath };
        options.reportItemsFeatures.table.autoFillFooter = true;
        options.saveButton.visible = true;
        options.saveAsButton.visible = true;
        options.documentation.home =
        options.server.url = 'ar';
        (window as any).GrapeCity.ActiveReports.WebDesigner.renderApplication('designer', options);
      }, []);
      return <div id="designer"></div>;
    export default ReportDesigner;
  • Posted 12 April 2022, 12:32 am EST

    I forgot to mention, I am using 15.2.2 of ar-designer

  • Posted 12 April 2022, 7:55 pm EST


    It seems to me that you use ActiveReports.NET, but this is the ActiveReportsJS forum. Please re-post your question to the ActiveReports.NET forum at

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