Missing fields when exporting to Excel

Posted by: warren_louie on 18 August 2022, 5:47 am EST

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    Posted 18 August 2022, 5:47 am EST

    I am new to Active Reports. We have Active Reports 14 (14.1.19970.0 file & assembly version). We use it standalone, not in Visual Studio. The backend is SQL Server 18 Enterprise.

    Recently, Production users complained they see the report output in the application, but when they Export to Excel, a field is missing. I have run the query in SQL Server Management Studio and it retrieves the data. I do the same in the app and it shows up. I Export and the field is indeed blank. I checked the .rdlx file and the field is mapped correctly.

    Can someone help this newbie out? Thank you.

  • Posted 22 August 2022, 12:48 am EST

    Hi Louie,

    Please share a sample report with a sample data source replicating this behavior so we can reproduce this issue at our end. Also share the exported Excel output and also let us know what is the expected output.

  • Posted 22 August 2022, 5:23 am EST

    Alas, I cannot because it’s classified data. Sanitizing it would lose the issue, I’m sure. Currently, we’ve narrowed it down to a View. I will pursue that. This thread can be closed out. Thank you for your time.

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