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Posted by: eric.kreger on 12 January 2023, 7:25 am EST

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    Posted 12 January 2023, 7:25 am EST

    I have 10 or so reports that can be viewed as either PDF or Excel. Both types of report function correctly. However, when a report is exported to excel, it seems that come extra columns are being created and not all data is lining up with the the header. It appear that the page header is causing this. Is there a standard way to suppress the page header or other sections when exporting to Excel?

  • Posted 14 January 2023, 9:28 pm EST - Updated 15 February 2023, 1:30 am EST

    Hi Eric,

    When exporting to excel make sure to set the UseCellMerging as True. When the UseCellMerging property is true the export filter will try to merge the cells that belong to a single report control.

    If you are using the JSViewer you can set the default export option to have UseCellMerge enabled.

    Also if you do not want to show page header in the excel export then you would have set the report.Sections[“pageHeader”].Visible to false. Then run the report to get the updated report.Document object with no page header added to it.

    If you want to remove the page header from every excel export then you can add a custom export button that executes the above logic.



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