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Enhance .NET & JavaScript Apps with Full Client-Side PDF Collaboration

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Document Solutions PDF Viewer (DsPdfViewer) Professional now offers the best lightweight API for unparalleled collaboration on new or existing PDF files for your client-side applications. Have multiple users join in the editing and collaboration process, and control who edits which documents, all in real-time. The collaboration tool contains all the familiar DsPdfViewer tools you are used to, but now with the added ability to work in a synchronous environment from anywhere in the world.  Save time and energy by removing the step of setting "track changes" to important documents. Do it all in DsPdfViewer collaboration mode, and save hours for you and your clients. DsPdfViewer is offered in Document Solutions for PDF as both a Standard and Professional license.

Benefit Using a JavaScript PDF Viewer Control for Client-Side PDF Collaboration

Reduce Time 

  • Collaborate with clients, prospects, or soon to be customers by marking up and changing important documents in real-time
  • Use comments, sticky notes, drawings or other tools to streamline conversations and changes
  • Keep your data clean by providing form fields that enforce formatting and data types

Streamline Communications

  • Create new forms with free text, form fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other standard fields
  • Include custom fields such as date or time
  • Enforce data integrity through the use of pattern matching (phone number, date format, etc.)

Reduce Errors

  • Work with customers/clients in real-time, and ensure accurate information is entered the first time
  • Prevent users from entering erroneous data by adding selectable form input fields, such as drop-downs and radio buttons
  • Set required fields to avoid any missed information, provide feedback to the user/customer in real-time

Improve Security

  • Choose who you want to edit documents
  • Control permissions to View & Edit, View Only, and Revoke Permissions
  • Protect your online collaboration with customized storage locations

Easy to Implement

  • Easily create collaboration environments for your programs and clients
  • Feature-rich set of API's, ready to use
  • Easy set up of server-side code for implementation of collaboration tools

Discover Advanced Collaboration Features with JavaScript PDF Viewer Control

Each section below provides resource links to DsPdfViewer demos, documentation, and associated blogs. Click a link to learn more.

Reduce Time with Multiple-Users Editing Simultaneously

  • Real-time editing and collaboration
  • Utilize notes, reply to notes and annotations
  • Capture Signatures
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Streamline Communication and Data Collection

  • Create forms for collecting data utilizing standard objects like:
    • Free Text
    • Form Fields
    • Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  • Ensure data integrity with pattern matching
  • Include custom fields such as date or time

Check out our blog discussing the DsPdfViewer's Form Filler Options.

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Reduce Errors

  • Work with Clients/Customers/Prospects in real-time to explain and walk through complex forms
  • Make specific fields required and others optional
  • Have real-time feedback loop online while completing documents/forms

Check out our blog discussing how to implement and use comments in the DsPdfViewer.

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Share a Document with Clients/Colleagues

  • Intuitive UI dialog to manage access of the document
  • Provide permissions to list of users or edit existing permissions
  • Select from ‘View only’, ‘View and change’ or ‘Stop sharing’ permissions
  • Open a shared document from Shared Documents panel
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Easy to Implement

  • Feature-rich set of API's ready to go
  • Easy to implement server-side code to collaboration tools
  • Centralized document storage and client-side downloads

Check out our blog discussing implementing the Collaboration Features in the DsPdfViewer.

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