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.NET Word Document Report Templates

.NET Word Document Report Templates

Unleash the power of automation by using the .NET Word Documents API library to create report templates with the ability to define comprehensive syntax. Use the Document Solutions for Word (DsWord) API to bind report template documents with data to generate Word.docx reports, convert them to PDF, or image reports with advanced layouts.


Benefits of a Generating Word .docx Reports Using a .NET API

Create Complex Data-bound Reports

Design a Microsoft Word report template based on business requirements using mustache syntax for data placeholders. Process the template programmatically and generate bound Word Reports in seconds.

Reporting Features Supported

Supports lists, tables, and repeating multi-table rows. Define loops and nested data, conditionally hide data blocks, use formatters to display data, and many more reporting features.

Design Templates in Microsoft Word

Easily design Microsoft Word documents by utilizing Microsoft Word features and programmatically generate professional-looking Word (.docx), PDF, or image Reports.

Logic-Less Template Syntax

Easily define Word Templates with a simple mustache syntax in Microsoft Word to bind the data fields with the database.

Advanced Document Processing .NET API

Changed data is updated automatically in a generated document. By calling the Process method, you can seamlessly refresh your reports. Changes in the database will reflect on your reports–keeping them updated at all times.

Batch Process Multiple Data Records

DsWord .NET Word API supports batch processing to generate a separate document for each data record. Implement this feature by invoking the BatchProcess method over the report template.

How It Works!

Create Dynamic Word .docx Reports

.NET Word API Loan Closure Agreement Template Example

Loan Closure Agreement

Automatically populate documents and retrieve information from a database to create templates.

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Lease Agreements Word Docx Template

Lease Agreements

Generate legal agreement reports dynamically–decreasing the time it takes to draft new documents so you can focus on your business.

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Examples of Consulting Agreements Templates Supported by .NET Word APIs

Consulting Agreements

Use a single line of code to automate document creation, and add ‘if/else/endif’ statements to define conditions to show/hide whole blocks or multiple blocks at once.

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Examples of Word DOCX Rental Agreement Templates Supported by .NET Word APIs

Rental Agreements

Batch process multiple agreements and documents to generate fully automated reports in seconds.

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.NET Word API Contract Templates Automation Example


Utilize features and data formatters to prepare word report templates for employment contracts by providing content or data fields in a Word template.

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.NET Word API Invoice Template Example


Create Invoices for your organization, add dynamic data fields and calculations and generate receipts and invoice reports without manually generating the documents.

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