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What's New in Documents for Excel .NET v1

GcExcel .NET v1.5.0.4 - August 29, 2018

Support for Custom Functions

GcExcel now includes support for adding custom functions to the spreadsheets! You can now define your own functions for your spreadsheets, aside from what's already included in the built-in Excel functions. Read about custom functions in spreadsheets

GcExcel now uses System.Drawing.Color

Until now GcExcel had its own color type (GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Color), so it wasn't possible to give a standard standard color to GcExcel, or vice versa. GcExcel now internally uses System.Drawing.Color, so you can now assign a standard color for various kinds of formatting on spreadsheets.


GcExcel .NET v1.5.0.3 - June 12, 2018

Performance improvement

GcExcel is now faster than ever. We made several major performance enhancements over the previous release that you can start using today. GcExcel now performs better in the following scenarios

  • Getting/setting value for single cell
  • Setting an array of double/int/float values to range, for example, Range.Value = new double[,]{ {1d, 2d}, {3d, 4d}}
  • Getting/setting style for single cell

Check out our performance blog for more information.

New APIs: CellInfo Class

While working with range of cells, you may need to convert column/row index to expressions. GcExcel adds a new utility class to work with range of cells:

public class CellInfo  
                public static string RowIndexToName(int index);  
                public static int RowNameToIndex(string name);  
                public static string ColumnIndexToName(int index);  
                public static int ColumnNameToIndex(string name);  
                public static string CellIndexToName(int row, int column);  
                public static void CellNameToIndex(string name, out int row, out int column);   

Other API additions

  1. You can now get or set the standard width of columns and height of rows in the worksheet.
  2. You can reset the adjacent range's border when setting the border for a range.

Demos update

We have added new demos to demonstrate various range operations that can be performed with GcExcel. Have a look on the new Range Operations demos:



GcExcel .NET v1.0 - May 3, 2018

This is the initial release of GrapeCity Documents for Excel .NET. Refer to the Release Notes and the Release Blog.

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